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Could it be possible that mosquitos will be extinct someday?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) March 5th, 2010

Could it be possible that mosquito will extinct someday?. Is there any way to make mosquito extinct?.

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Probably not. They’re great disease vectors and are an essential part to most ecosystems. And they are too many to destroy. Kind of like storm troopers…with syringes on their faces.

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The sun will eventually use it’s store of remaining energy, and every living thing in the solar system will die. Be patient.

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if it happens then, Those poor bug-spray companies would go under. then someone would want to bail them out with our money. Without asking us. Speaking of blood-suckers.

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In Singapore, they have tried to control mosquito numbers by cutting down on stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed. It hasn’t been 100% successful, but that’s the basic idea if you were trying to make them die out.

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@brownlemur Good point. But essential part to most ecosystem?. I know they’re important in food chain/web and often act as primary food source in aquatic biome,but as we know even if they’re extinct the nature will keep balancing,other creature in the same level will eventually take its position in nature.

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probably about as likely as a language losing it’s verb “to be” and all it’s various fo…oh. i see whaat i did there.

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Haven’t you heard that global warming will turn the entire planet into a tropical jungle? There will be mosquitoes everywhere…they will rule the world!!

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@iphigeneia In cities yes,but it won’t work all around the world especially in nature(i.e. rain forest,prairie,etc).
@dpworkin Haha!. How could it possible?
@eponymoushipster Do you always answer question in rude way? or do you love to attack other people?. I know that English isn’t my first language and I’m still working on it. But somehow I have explained this in some of my post and I’m not very fond of repetition.

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Humans will long be extinct when it happens.

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Man, I hope they can die off someday, somehow. When I get to heaven, I’m gonna find Noah and slap the whiz out of him for takin’ ‘em on the ark!

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Too successful an organism to die out. Range is pretty much the entire planet. They’re so thick in arctic regions the caribou have to wade into the water to keep them off. They would probably survive a global nuclear war, right along with the cockroaches.

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I wonder how could they made it during ice age?.

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@SophiscatedLady , if we could make it, so could they. There have been at least 5 ice ages since Homo Sapiens became a distinct species. Mammals, which is what the skeeters feed on, are far more successful as organisms than the dinosaurs were, which is why they survived this.

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“but as we know even if they’re extinct the nature will keep balancing,other creature in the same level will eventually take its position in nature.”
I beg to differ. We don’t know that at all.
You can argue that it’s to be expected, but it’s not at all guaranteed that another insect species will be able to fill the gap on time, and that the whole system won’t just collapse. If humanity ever ends up seriously considering mass mosquitocide, I think it’s a risk we can’t just brush off like that.

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They can be controlled to a managable level, as Singapore does. Eradication would be impractical, since any agent that would kill off 100% of mosquitos would also destroy a lot of other life forms. Remember DDT? Even with effective control, all it takes is missing one breeding area and they’re back.

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It’s impossible to predict the future—including extinctions of species. Mosquitoes have been around for at least 80 million years. They survived the Cretaceous extinctions and many climate swings, not to mention the rise of birds that feed on them. With that track record it’s hard to imagine them disappearing any time soon. But “someday” is a long time!

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@blinkErri Many people have lost their life for diseases carried by mosquito. Don’t you think it’s much better if they extinct?. The Bug-spray company isn’t the only one that can act as media of occupancy for people worldwide,there are many other alternatives. Beside,that chemical spray will contain high-toxic concentrate that could affect our nature wealthiness.

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sure hope so…living in the South, they would not be my best friends!

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@gasman Well,if it isn’t possible how about one or some species of mosquito?. We know that some species of insect(i.e. butterfly) have already extinct from this world,and all because of human. That makes me think about our power and possibility to decide extinction of some creature.

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Insects are an important part of well-balanced ecosystems. A lot of species depend on eating insects.

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“It’s impossible to predict the future”
That’s just not true. Of course it’s possible to predict the future.
I can easily predict for example that an hour from now, I will be eating this sandwich I have here. One hour after that a bus will pass by that I will get on, and roughly half an hour later I will enter my house and hang my coat on its coat hanger. Tonight I will go to bed and then I will sleep for some eight or nine hours, and tomorrow morning I will awaken, and have breakfast and brush my teeth and… I’ll stop now.

Perhaps it’s not possible to be absolutely certain about the future, in the same way it’s not possible to be absolutely certain about the present or the past, but that’s why we invented probability estimation. And that makes it very possible to predict the future.
You did so yourself just now, when you say it’s hard to imagine mosquitoes dying out any time soon.

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As long as there is a market, being our blood, there will be organisms there to exploit it. All available resources are exploited by nature.

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@Doctor_D @eponymoushipster Do you always answer question in rude way? or do you love to attack other people?. I know that English isn’t my first language and I’m still working on it. But somehow I have explained this in some of my post and I’m not very fond of repetition.

I’ve found it’s best to completely ignore people that annoy me.

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@Fyrius Yes, point well taken. I should have just said it’s impossible to predict extinctions of presently-thriving species far into the future. My bad.

@Doctor_D When I was a lad I was taught that no species of insect is threatened with extinction. That is certainly not the case today, as you pointed out with some butterflies. It’s conceivable that some species of mosquito will disappear (and indeed new ones will arise) in future. I’m not expert enough to comment on specifics. Given the complexly interconnected web of life, the extinction of one kind of mosquito might simply make room for the ascendancy of others. It might be good to wipe out, say, Anopheles, by deliberate means, though well-intended actions might have undesirable consequences…

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@FutureMemory Thank you!. GA.
@gasman Also good point of view.

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No mosquitos. No life.

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It’d pretty much be the end of more life than just the mosquito. But yes it’s possible. We had a good run.

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Never. and worse, one day they will evolve into this!

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I have been bit so many times in my life. I am surprised have not evolved into one already.

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If one day mosquitoes are extinct, we will soon find many other species extinct as well, for they are dependent on the mosquito for food. Not a good scene.

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i wish… i hate those little disease spreading bloodsuckers.

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My bet is that every species will become extinct at some point.

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Then I can finally get some rest.

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Why should the mosquito become extinct? with all that good food about, not in our time. BTW, extinction is a chancy thing: if the cockroach should become extinct it may be time to vacate the planet.

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@Doctor_D yes. no. maybe. fill in the blanks.

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Let’s hope they go extinct….

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Be careful what you wish for.

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Yes all you need is a few Царь-бомба and long fuses !


I would more likely think that humans will become extinct first! Sigh! :(

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