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Are you able to scream in your dreams?

Asked by TILA_ABs_NoMore (895points) March 5th, 2010

I have nightmares atleast once a week where my kids or myself are in danger and I try to scream and nothing comes out. This has been a regular occurence in my dreams and thinking about it, I dont think Ive EVER been able to scream in my dreams! Does this happen to anyone else?

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No I cant. But I have tried.

That part of the brain usually gets shut off. Or the neighborhood would be full of roaming screaming zombies at 3 in the morning.

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Hmm, I don’t think it has ever come up in my dreams. In situations where I would scream, I don’t have an impulse to.

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I don’t remember ever screaming in a dream, but I don’t think I have ever tried. Next time I have a lucid dream I will try, and let you know.

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@ChazMaz lol..I dont mean scream outloud for real :-) Actually scream in my dream…I can talk in my dreams, but I cant scream!! Must mean something I suppose

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Once I screamed in a dream—and I woke up and I was actually screaming. I was standing in my underwear in the middle of my room. My male room mate rushed in and was like, “What the heck are you doing?” I was groggy so I tried to make up something less embarrassing than I had a nightmare. I told him I was practicing to be in a screaming contest. Hoo-boy.

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Ok, got ya. I am still with you on this.
I think something as aggressive as a scream causes you to try to activate your motor functions. And, since you cant it causes your dream scream not to happen.
I get the same problem when looking at something in a dream. I find sometimes I struggle to keep my eyes open. Like they are being held shut.
Which they actually are.

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I’ve never had the urge to scream – that I remember – in a dream. I’ve yelled a few times and that works okay. The thing I can’t do in some dreams is run away from scary stuff when I should. The last one was a very large green sumo wrestler.

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@ChazMaz That makes sense. Kind of like a few dreams Ive had (not as many as the scream dreams) where Im needing to protect myself and all of a sudden I can hardly move. Like my arms weight a ton and meanwhile Im getting my ass kicked!

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@tedibear39 Yeah I would want to run away from that too lol ;-D

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I almost never try to scream.I have had some wild nightmares too :)

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Never! I have nightmares on a nightly basis (I don’t know what that says about me) and I can’t scream or run in them.

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I fucking should have last night.I never remember any dreams I have, if indeed I have them at all.This wasn’t however the case last night.I dreamt vividly of seeing the late Queen Mother walking through my local shopping centre.At first I was the only person to see her.Gradually everyone around me saw her.She had a glowing light around her.What the fuck is that all about.I mean when the dear old bag was alive I never had the slightest interest in her or her fucking family.Totally random weirdness.When I told my wife this morning I was quite rightly ridiculed.

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I also find if I have to take a pee. My dream will include me needing to take a pee. I said needing.

If I am cold, my dream has a cold twist to it.

If it is sexual in nature. I better wake up fast!

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore haha I was thinking the same thing ;)

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As a matter of fact I can not. Whenever I try, something blocks my voice completely.

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Like a little girl. And I do it so loudly, I often wake the neighbors.

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I’ve done it. Scared the hell out of my wife several times. It might have something to do with all the training I’ve had, I’m hardwired to shout orders in emergency situations. This seems to bypass whatever inhibition that sleep causes.

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Not yet and I don’t think it’s something I ever want to experience, really.

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No, I never can and I hate it. I have been known to make an audible sound and wake myself up, but it’s not a “scream”.

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@DominicX Pepto before bed can help with that…hahaha ;-)

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No. I can’t scream or shout, or run at full speed. Also, I can fly in some dreams but I can never fly above tree-top height.

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All the time and it often wakes me up to where I’m not sure where I’m at for a few seconds, still yowling out.

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I used to not be able to, but recently I can thoroughly scream at my father. Why him? Who knows…

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