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Is this a good example of how your money was wasted in the stimulus?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) March 5th, 2010

We all know the stimulus somehow spent 700 billion dollars without even creating one job. Fox News says so. If we wanted to create jobs, we should have done as Republicans suggest, and give the money to the rich, then just sit back and wait for it to trickle down. After all, US corporations have doubled their cash reserves in the last year while still laying off people, so clearly giving them more cash would have fixed everything.

Instead, our government wasted your money on cockamamie schemes like this. They gave $4 million to MIT Chemist Dan Nocera’s start up company to prefect a photosynthesis process that converts an ordinary bottle of drinking water into enough pure hydrogen and oxygen to power a typical home. All it takes to make it work is sunlight, thanks to the special cobalt-based catalyst, the device can power a fuel cell or the hydrogen can be converted into liquid fuel, generating about 30 kilowatt hours from a bottle of water. You don’t need pure water. Plain old mud puddle water will do. And the system is cheap to build.

We could have let the Chinese think of this, but no, your money had to be wasted trying to kill the oil and coal industries that are so good for America. When will the stupid gubment learn?

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My head exploded a long time ago over the mismanagement of these stimulus bills and 4 mil is nothing when consider all the shenanigans that have been wasting time and money.

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Sarcastic, aren’t we? Please do not let stand the Fox News canard that the stimulus created no jobs, even in a sarcastic question.

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All they had to do was pay off the national credit debt. Saving 300 billion.
Causing a direct injection into the economy, and before you know it. New jobs!

The stimulus and the health care bills only purpose is to lock us down and give control to the World Bank. By “lending” us all this money.

And, eventually going from the left to the right pocket.

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Is this a satire? I don’t believe it if this is sincere.

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Of course he’s making fun of Fox news and the general conservative belly-wanking about how everything Dems do sucks dog toes. He’s making the point that conservative criticism is pure hype with no substance.

Republicans so often attack a plan that could create American jobs and help extend our energy supply (if this machine really exists), while remaining silent about the money that lines the pockets or corporations—especially those that nearly failed.

I would like to ask anyone if they think they could disperse billions of dollars very quickly in order to stop public morale and various companies from tanking even further without making some poor decisions? Anyone think they could do a better job? If so, please run for office.

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“I would like to ask anyone if they think they could disperse billions of dollars very quickly”

I just gave an example.

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Tax reduction creates jobs.

Any questions?

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Obviously this means we should all go to the pentagon and start shooting immediately.

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@ETpro I really really hope this is a joke. Otherwise the second you typed “Fox News said so” you lost every last bit of credibility. Your question did too.

But in the spirit of tolerance I’ll take it as a joke and then agree that these extreme right wing views (which sadly really are expressed in this way on networks like fox news) should be exposed and ridiculed at every opportunity.

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This is a leading question that presumes too much.

Asking open ended questions elicits better answers.

Such as, “What do you think of the following projects that benefited from the stimulus package?”

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Sheesh, everybody, of course it’s a sarcastic question.

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OMG this is horrible. What is wrong with this country! Why would we fund science when we could be spending that money giving tax breaks to the rich?????

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Or having PiƱa colada parties.

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@ChazMaz I’ll take one of those!

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Pardon me, but I must ask. If the trickle down theory did not work in Mr. Reagan’s time, why should it work now?

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@bea2345 How DARE you question Reaganomics?~ :p
I had to

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@Dr_C – Very easily. I knew a library assistant who regularly placed the library stamp right in the middle of the former President’s face when it was on a magazine cover.

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@bea2345 i don’t see how that relates to my comment which i thought was an obvious joke… but ok!

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@Dr_C – I know that was a joke. So was my reply but the part about the library assistant is true

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I think not enough people are looking at the big picture with this.

Out of 700 billion was some wasted? Yes

Was it nessessary? Probably

Will we learn anytihng from this as a county/society? No

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@jfos Definitely satire. I suppose I should have stated so, but hey, where’s the fun in that. As it is, the right-wingers fell right into it face first. They can’t resist anything that looks ike government bashing. No need to read an understand what’s being said.

@wundayatta As far as I can tell, ti is as legitimate as it gets. The writeup is in Scientific American, and they don’t fall for the typical tabloid media hype.

@Amsterdamaged Really? About ⅓ of the stimulus was tax reduction. So are you saying that Fox, Scott Brown, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and the lot are all LYING about no jobs being created, or that it somehow didn’t work this time? Any questions?

@Dr_C Satire. Please recognize it as that.

@nikipedia Ha! Someone got the joke. Thanks. :-)

@bea2345 For goodness sakes. Have a little patience. Reagan only took office a little over 29 years ago. Give it some time to trickle. :-)

@rottenit I think your big picture is quite accurate.

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@ETpro thanks for clearing that up. Awesome Q.

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With entire networks repackaging party “doctrine” as fact and news, it is getting harder and harder to distinguish these idiots from the sarcastic!

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@Dr_Lawrence Point takenn. Next time, I will specify sarcasm when that’s what is meant.

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@ETpro may I suggest ending a sarcastic statement with a ”~”? that’s kinda what we do here to make it easier to distinguish.

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@Dr_C Roger that. Thanks.

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