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Why do people own rat dogs?

Asked by deni (22665points) March 5th, 2010

Out of all the adorable fun loving dopey dogs you could pick, why, why, why, why would you pick a rat dog? Can anyone offer some insight? Psychology behind this unsolvable problem? I can’t understand it. They’re clingy. They yap. They can’t go out in the cold without wearing a sweater, AND WHEN THEY DO, THEY SHAKE VIOLENTLY. At least the ones I’ve had experience with, anyhow. They are annoying in general. You can’t cuddle or play with them, or you risk smashing/killing them. They don’t play fetch, they are dumb in general, and they aren’t cute. In addition they obviously don’t protect you or your house while you’re away, instead they sit in a corner and lick the wall and, again, spend the day shaking violently and puking on the couch because they miss their owner.

PS I love dogs. All dogs. Except these.


ps: oh my heart.

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Because they fit in purses. sad

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They are portable.
I own a German Shepherd.
I am very strong ;)

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Um, what breed exactly is a “rat dog”?

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Because P. Hilton had one before she sacrificed it to Satan or whatever she does and it is cooler to follow her than think for yourself.

P.S. the “P” in “P. Hilton” doesn’t stand for her first name

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How could you not love this face? That’s my boy. All nine lbs of him. Cuddly? Yes. Yappy? He can be.

I don’t do the sweater thing. He’s already a wee ball of fluff.. no need.

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I ask the same thing. Usually the ones who own one are shallow, high maintenance, nasty women who want them as accessory items to go with their matching outfits. I hope the nasty rat of a dog poops in their expensive purses.

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@Dr_Dredd the rat dogs my roommate has are part chihuahua and part chinese crested i think. they’re gross. but it really encompasses any dog breed that is the size of cat, with mangy hair, bulging eyes, usually a snaggletooth, no personality, and no fun. They generally also spend on average 15 hours a day barking.

@jjmah THAT IS A CUTE DOG! Not a rat dog! It’s a fluffball. Rat dogs are never fluffy.

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Some people like small dogs.
Not me. I prefer dogs that can defend my home.
If people want a tiny dog they can carry in their shirt, who am I to judge? Might as well ask why people have cats or fish.

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Preferences. Why do you care?

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Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

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Why do some people insist on putting their own preferences on everyone else and pass judgment on others because they don’t happen to agree with them?

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I’m not passing judgement on others. I am trying to understand something that right now I don’t understand. Perhaps instead of being rude you could give a response that actually answers the question…and then I might have a better understanding of why anyone wants to own a miniature hyena.

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Probably because they’re well suited & are happy with what they chose.It aint rocket science.

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Well, you are passing judgment by referring to certain small breeds as “rat dogs” and “miniature hyenas”. Name calling is easy—for anything and anyone.

I know a long-haired chihuahua named Aldo who has the heart of a lion dog. He is friendly, curious, outgoing, well-behaved, and adorable.

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They are so cute! Look at this one. It looks like Robert Smith. :P

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@marinelife Alright, well again, though I’m not a fan of small dogs, I admit that the dog in that picture is cute and fluffy. There is at least one thing going for it. And the fact that it is well behaved and friendly is another. All I’m saying is that in the past, the ones I have met and the 2 that I UNFORTUNATELY live with right now, are unpleasant, unplayful, unfriendly, constantly barking and biting anyone who is not my roommate.

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Those tiny dogs fit perfectly in the lives of some dog lovers!
It is just like Irish Wolf Hounds and Bull Mastiffs don’t fit in some dog lover’s lives.

Appreciate people who care responsibly and lovingly for their dogs.

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Don’t listen to @marinelife it is always better to force your opinion on people and to pass judgment on things you don’t understand or like. In fact I’m judging all of you right now and if I’m being completely honest, it’s not looking so good.

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@marinelife Is that a picture of Aldo himself? He looks quite noble. :-)

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They fit in a toaster oven.

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People love them because they have a charm about them. They are cute in a unique sort of way.

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@Dr_Dredd No, but he looks very much like that.

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If there ever was a “rat-dog” I would own a pair. Talk about a cat’s worst nightmare.

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Also, what you consider to be true about “rat dogs” is completely wrong. Many “small” or “tiny” dogs are very smart, cuddle well and will fetch if you desire a dog to do so. They are also cheaper to own, take care of and they have small poo’s in the yard.
The Papillon is reverend for being one of the smartest dogs in the world.
As far this “purse” dog thing goes, I don’t like it when people use animals as decoration however I am pretty sure those dogs get a ton of love and they also get to travel often with their owners.
Behold your misconception
That is one of the smartest dogs in the world.

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Do you mean “Rat Terriers”? They look similar to Jack Russells and are bred for pretty much the same job (ie: taking care of critters!). If you do mean this breed then you are very mistaken for their personalities are a million times bigger than their little bodies. They may be yappy at times but they are very loyal and fun dogs. They can also deal with the cold just fine and, unless the conditions are baltic, should not need to wear a coat just to go outside even though they have a short coat (my JRT has never had to wear a coat and she doesn’t shiver when she is outside which is where she loves to be!).

The most important thing I should mention about this breed is the are certainly not dumb.

If you are simply calling any small breed a rat dog then you are also mistaken. EVERY breed has it’s strengths and so lumping them into one group just because they are small and sometimes yappy doesn’t make much sense to me.

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There was an adorable tiny dog in a popular advertisment on TV and unfortunately, it created a huge demand for them.

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@YARNLADY The Paris Hilton/Britney Spears trend of carrying a small dog around in a handbag hasn’t helped either. It’s one of my pet hates to see people carrying their dogs. They have legs for a reason!

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@Leanne1986 No i’m not referring to either of those breeds. Neither are rat dogs.

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@deni I’m assuming “Rat dog” is a term that you have made up then?

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Rat Dog is a great band as well….....
maybe think they can dominate a smaller dog easier??

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actually that’s a stereotype out of all the chihuahuas I’ve only met one that barks a lot. it’s like saying all pit bulls are mean.

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My daughter has a now-ancient chocolate rat terrier. Tiny little red dobie looking guy. Has never weighed over 15 pounds in his life. He’s grown up around Belgian horses and I’ve watched him and the stallion (now there’s a size discrepancy for you) play! Fearless, tough little guy that follows Mom out to the barn and back every trip, no matter ice, snow, storm…..nothing deters this loyal lil guy. He follows her now by sound as he has lost his sight. He’s beaten cancer. He’s not yappy…if he barks, there’s a reason. Good dog, devoted beyond belief…..phenomenal with children. And does a better job ratting that barn than the cats!!!

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