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How is it possible that I owe so much money in taxes?

Asked by nikipedia (27922points) March 5th, 2008

Turbo Tax is kidding, right?

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What kind of question is that? What kind of answer are you looking for?

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Do you live in New York State too? ;)

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You’re going to have to supply much more information than that. We’re people, not psychics.

If you want someone to help, we need the facts.

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Exasperation. I get it.

Did you know that there’s a secret Fluther points deduction? Some of us won’t be paying a dime.

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I’m just completely in shock. Wondering if Turbo Tax is a moron and I should take it to a pro? Is this a normal reaction to doing your taxes? I’ve done them for the last 6 years or so but was a student/broke and am horrified at the red number staring back at me.

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you’re a student and you’re horrified at your taxes? This has to be an error.

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Did you run through the entire program yet? Usually, you do income first and that jacks the number up, and then you do deductions second and that brings the number back down to earth. If you had taxes deducted throughout the year, you should be fine. If you received an Americorps stipend or something like that, it’s taxable income. I had to pay $1,000 one year on account of a $5,000 stipend. Go to and try one of the many, free online filing engines and see if you get the same result.

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the IRS likes to take your honest earned money.

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How come people file taxes on NOTES and call it income or profit when in fact it is neither IF all you get for payment is Federal Reserve Notes which only represents money and has NO actual value to it. IF you get your sorry self out of bed to go work for some other sorry self and They give you compensation for helping do their work, there is NO profit nor income to you. It is an even trade, your labor and time for a set amount of money agreed on between the two of you which NO government can intervene with under the LAW. Since Nixon took this country off the Silver Standard in 1972 NOBODy has had to file nor pay any taxes.

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Wesley Snipes might disagree with the assertion that you don’t need to pay taxes. He got convicted and will find out what his punishment is next month.

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I owe money too. I paid over $9,000 last year. 1/4 of my net pay. This year, I paid over 10,000 and still owe $1,400. I am working approximately 3–4 months of the year just to pay taxes. Nevermind the taxes I am paying for the corporations through the product and services I buy. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? This government taxes too much, spends wayyy to much, is no longer efficient, and we are no longer free.

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well, some of us are willing to fight for our rights (not murder.. just to clarify in case someone wants to attack me on that..)
but i mean if you don’t mind having your money stolen that you made from your work with another person (that shouldn’t involve anyone else..) then by all means, settle.
you know Wesley Snipes personally, right?
oh, nevermind.

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I’m trying to remember… Wasn’t there some reason we declared independence from England? Hmmm… What was it?

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@Charlie: stop filing your taxes and see how long it takes before the IRS comes after you.

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i forget the number, (maybe 20 million?). none the less, millions don’t file a 10–40 each year.

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Tell you all what, I quit in 1984 after I went to an IRS audit and BEAT them. I have NOT heard a word from them since. What did I use? The Constitution of the United States. That is the only REAL law that belongs to WE the people which was written and agreed upon to protect US from the imposeing government. Go read it and the History Books and that is why I don’t have to file and never will again.

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aha yes! you’re great charlie, standing up for what’s right.

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Well, understand the Law. The only thing taxable by the IRS is income/profit, nothing else. BUT here is the problem. People back when this “Income Tax” thing started, most people felt they had to file and pay a tax on all money they had comeing in. OUR country was also at war at this time so the CROOKS (IRS) had advertisements all over the place telling people to support this war and pay your taxes. Fact is the IRS is not part of the government and NOTHING We the people sends them goes to the government, it goes to the incorporated BANKING system—The Federal Reserve System, which is NOT Federal and has nothing to do when it comes to Government. It is a big SCAM ripping people off that don’t understand the Law nor stand up for what the law says. That law is the Constitution of the United States, which where the 16th Amendment is that supposedly constitutes the Income Tax law. Just because it looks like a Law doesn’t mean it is the Law. BUT, it is up to everyone to educate themselves on what is or isn’t the LAW. Better yet, KNOW your Rights as a citizen of the United States of America. WE have, as a people, more rights and power then any other people in this world. BUT how many people take little heed to that? Very few!! But I do and used my rights and power to tell the IRS to go stick it and never have had to worry about them since. As citizens of this country, anyone can do what I did.

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