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What can I make with an abundance of gum wrappers?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) March 5th, 2010

I quit smoking recently and have obsessively kept my gum wrappers as a reminder of the cigarettes that I would’ve smoked.
Can you think of anything fun/funky/crafty I can do with them?

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Smoke them.

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What kind of wrappers?

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Very safe gums.

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@jfos the long Juicy Fruit kind.

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A tinfoil hat.

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You can color each one of them, and glue them on a piece of posterboard in the form of a mosaic.

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An astronaut suit for mini me.

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How about a “Tin Lung” ? ;)congrats

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I would make star of David ornaments for a christmas tree. :)

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Thank you @ChazMaz. I wanted to suggest the gum wrapper chain, but couldn’t begin to instruct anyone on how to make the links. I used to have these strung all over my bedroom.

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Something we did before XBOX and the internet. lol

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Origami cranes

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A full trashcan

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Good idea. When I quit I’d circle each day that I made it on my checking account register in my billfold. It gave me such a positive feeling as the number of those circles grew and grew!

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Prisoners weave baskets and make book covers with gum wrappers. Sorry I can’t say how, I just remember reading an article about it once.

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You could always send them to me and become part of a Guinness World Record.

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