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How much animal feces is in the grain products we eat, like cheerios?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) March 5th, 2010

They must house the stuff in silos where it is hard to keep them perfectly clean. Is there some acceptable amount of animal poo that you can overlook? Would poo free food be just too darned expensive, and is it even worth it?

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The FDA publishes tolerances for all products, including insect parts, etc.

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Just enough to make it tasty.

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Not so much cheerios more like crapios.Shit gag but there you go.

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Guess I won’t be eating Cheerios for a while now…

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The more crap you are exposed to in the environment, the stronger your immune system. Especially from a young age. I always let my kids crawl around in the grass and dirt. There is some evidence that overprotected children are more likely to develop allergies.

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That is how they can claim it actually contains fiber.

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Just enough to turn them into choc Cheerios! dpworkin is so right!

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I want the percentage on the label!

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@ZEPHYRA That’s true. They don’t have to color the feces yellow with Chocolate Cheerios.

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.00005% RAT SHIT

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OMG I had no idea!


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Well…not just Cheerios but ALL grain products! From pasta to bread!

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It’s a fact of life that if you store any amount of grain in any facility for any amount of time the li’l rodents are going to take advantage of your generosity. What about pesticides, herbicides, and other real poisons in your grain?

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We use animal feces as fertiliser for the plants we eat.

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@Val123 Even my sugar Frosted Flakes? B-b-b-but They’re Grrrrreat?!

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My brothers always regarded food pests as a protein source.

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Noooo. Say it isn’t so!!! Cheerios & Frosted Flakes are all I eat. Aww, geez. :-(

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@jbfletcherfan well then you are full of it.

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@davidbetterman Yep!! You can always sanitize them by soaking them in rubbing alcohol.
@jbfletcherfan Ha ha!!!

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@Val123 Oh, well then no problem. I already only put vodka on my cereal, no milk.

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Just let it go, people. Almost everything we eat has something disgusting in/on it.

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@davidbetterman I knew I liked you for a reason!

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@tinyfaery this is true. I’ve always said if we knew what we ate when we went out, we’d never go to restaurants again.

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@Cruiser Sometimes I use beer!

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mmm, beerios.

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@tinyfaery and @jbfletcherfan That’s right. Another reason I tend to roll my eyes at germ-a-phobics.

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* rolls eyes *

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@Val123 yes, we all need a certain amount of bacteria in us. Eating out gives us our daily dose. LOL

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As long as it doesn’t Smell like poo… I’ll keep eating it.
Otherwise, down the toilet it goes.

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