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Could this be a hacker?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) March 5th, 2010

I was searching through my Facebook status updates and one of them has gone missing. I know for a fact I did not delete it myself. I am suspecting a hacker must have been messing with my account? How do I avoid them hacking in the future?

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What page did you look on? Check your “Profile” page first before you begin to worry.

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Facebook is now being attacked by viruses that state you have a virus and it may be the Trojan. do not click on this site. it is the Trojan. delete it and forget it. several of my friends have emailed me to warn of this virus.

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Change your password.

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As @john65pennington mentioned, don’t click on anything that asks you for permission – especially if that is not the usual action. There are no viruses per-se, all require you to allow them to do something. So don’t. As far as your status going poof, could simply be a bug, you could check – try a category that fits, if you can’t find an answer under the subheading, you can e-mail them.

Fb is perfectly safe. Provided you didn’t give out your password, or someone intercepted it due to shared – or unsafe computers.

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Phoebusq…..this is what i meant to say, but the words came out all wrong. thanks. john

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Yes I checked it on my iPhone and on the internet, and it is gone. Simply changing the password will help? I didn’t give it out in the first place. I feel like they may be getting in some other way, but I will try that.

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@Kokoro Could help.. You don’t have to give it out for hackers to get your password. All they need is a Keyboard Logger. This happened to me once, when I used a Windows computer and they spammed all of my friends. I changed my password and it never happened again.

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I’ve lost status updates before. They were having a problem with synchronization earlier in the week. As a friend to see if they can see your status.

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@davidbetterman I think you forgo the ~sarcasm tag there.

Truth is, Facebook itself is perfectly safe if you don’t hurt yourself. However, there are enough scams and naive people who fall for them that you can’t really say FB is actually safe. Like any other web site, I automatically assume it’s not safe, and that paranoia has kept my system clean for years.

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