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Have you ever stepped on something sharp?

Asked by Beat170 (28points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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When I was four my dad was building a room addition. I walked out barefoot, stepped on a block of wood with a nail in it. The nail went all the way through my foot. I walked into the kitchen and looked at my mom and said “hey look! I’m Al Jolson!” and I tap danced with the block of wood.

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Yep. I had a nail rotate in backwards through my foot. Sucked beyond the telling of it.

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I had a thumb-tack get kinda far into my foot once. I just pulled it out and put some peroxide on it.

And the two responses above mine prompted me to say “ewww” and put my shoes on.

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the funny thing is it didn’t hurt at all but a week later I got a splinter and thought I was going to die.

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I straight pin on the ball of my 10yr old foot. It went all the way in(1inch). Instinct took over, even at that young age, I dropped to the floor and pulled it out without a moments hesitation. Surreal experience.

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The best of all was when I was home with my mom and I was running through the upstairs to get to my room for something and my foot slammed down on a staple. I looked down at my foot and the staple not only had entered my foot completely but had actually stapled a NY Giants felt flag to my foot!!! All I could do was laugh once the pain subsided and my mom came up to pull it out.

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