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Do you think I could start ballet at 13 years old, being a male?

Asked by _fonzo (67points) March 5th, 2010

It can be strange, but I want to start dancing ballet. Believe me, it’s going to be a task that MTV Made could take. I am a male, 13 years old, 1m and 70 something tall, and a normal weight. The current sport activity I do is just sports class, and I had swimming for a lot of years, but I stopped about two years ago. I didn’t talk even with my sports teacher yet, but I am confident she could help me. Can you give me some advice if I could become a dancer? :D (oh, and I am not that “elastic”)

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Absolutely, go for it.It’s all in the balls apparently,of your feet that is.

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Yea why not? and seeing how it seems you want to do it because you want it, that will make it that much more rewarding.

I say go for it!

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You can do anything you want. If you want to try it, go for it. Ballet can be tough and grueling, and require a lot of practice though. Flexibility can come with training and exercise so don’t worry about that.

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Good time to get your flexibility for something you might love!

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Thank you for helping, everyone! :D I’ll definitely try it, and thanks. :) I know how hard ballet can be, but I want to get focused on something, and ballet is something I always loved, from a very little age, when my newer brother danced. :D Thanks!

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Yes – definitely.

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Ballet is challenging to pick up when you’re not that young and of average flexibility but not impossible

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Why couldn’t you? :)

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Have you seen the movie, Billy Elliot?

The lead is a 12-year-old boy.

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I’ve heard about that movie – actually, I heard about the Broadway musical, I think there’s one -, indeed. :D I’ll try and rent a copy on video club later. xD Thanks, @gailcalled ! :D

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@_fonzo That movie was shot not a mile away from my home.Actually you can see my grandads house several times throughout.

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Why the heck not? You might never be as good as someone who started very young, but who the hell cares about that if you love to do it?

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I had the impression that boys usually started later than girls. It’s harder to recruit boys, I think, and after a while, the dancers get desperate.

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It’ll be hard to do if you’r epredisposed to bulk and barrel-chested body type, but sure, why the hell not.

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Go for it. i would make sure i was in physical shape before i started. its easy to pull muscles in ballet, especially in the legs and ankles. if this is your dream, make it a reality. you will not be happy in life, unless you do.

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Yes, go for it!

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My husband has a male friend who didn’t start studying ballet until he was in high school. He went professional and had a successful career throughout his 20s, in a travelling troupe. He recently retired from ballet at a little over 30 but he still could have continued—he just decided to try something different.

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Sure. Get started.

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Go for it. Nureyev started young, but didn’t actually get into a school until he was 17.

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