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IPad; Is there a GOOD reason to wait for the 3g version?

Asked by rhodes54 (415points) March 5th, 2010 from iPhone

So the long rumored iPad is finally coming up for pre-order next week. The Wifi ONLY version, that is.

Can anyone think of a compelling reason to wait for the 3g model? ¬† Y’know, another $100+ just for that option (or will it have other goodies lacking in the Wifi version?) plus $30 a month for a data plan.

Isn’t 3g kinda nearing the end of it’s run? It’s not like it’s going to get much “better”, is it? ¬†Whereas wifi will just keep growing?
All opinions welcome.

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You have to be around a wireless router for WiFi, either an open one or where you have the key.

3G is more like cell phone coverage.

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Keep in mind the 3G one also has GPS and the WiFi only one doesn’t.

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Granted, but 3g is also more like cell phone coverage in the performance area, so what’s the point? Plus, I live in Austin, not bragging but you can’t kick an armadillo without stumbling on a free router. @johnpowell I didn’t realize the not-Wifi didn’t have GPS. I figured that could be done with your current IP address.

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I’m not impressed with the iPad.
Old people will probably love it. It’s huge, people with the eyesight of a mole will be able to see everything and wont require any technical ability to use it.
It’ll be Apple’s version of the Buick.

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Right, cuz those old people probably grew up with four finger multi-gesture touch screens on their Berliner Gramaphones and wax cylinders…

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I want one just to show my portfolio to clients. I’d love for my rep to use this platform. 3G would be unnecessary for this purpose. And since it doesn’t run OSX, I can’t think of anything else it would be good for other than the cool factor of showing to clients.

What good is it?

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Resale value will be much greater on the 3G when you decide to sell.

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This is 83% of why I’ll be setting my iphone’s alarm on Mar 12. Kind of a specialized utility but I haven’t seen anything else that might be able to act as a sheet music reader. The more I read from people smarter than me, I’m leaning more toward the wifi only option. I’m not so much concerned with resale value and for what little GPS functionality I use, I’ve got my phone.

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That’s very interesting. I see this iPad as having all sorts of specialty applications designed to organize one’s life better. The sheet music shown in the link reminds me of loose portfolio pages of my photography. I gather up what each client expects to see (never show food photos to fashion clients), and rework a book each time I go. The iPad would house all of it together nicely.

Wouldn’t the 3g version allow you to download the music sheets more conveniently?

My CTO informs me that Apple will soon release a 17” tablet that runs full Mac OSX. I may wait for that myself. I’m sure the expense will increase dramatically though.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies do you have an iPhone? Using one, I guess, gives you a better understanding of what the iPad will be capable of. Any place I need to download music usually has Wifi, so that isn’t much of an issue. I’ve heard the rumor about a larger tablet, but if it ran OSX and had more features, it WOULD be more expensive and probably too bulky for resting on a piano. Maybe your CTO knows whether or not the apps I’ve already purchased for the phone will transfer to the iPad, since I already own them. It doesn’t seem right that I should have to buy them again. We’re talking DOZENS of dollars…

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From what he tells me, the iPad will run certain iPhone apps, but will also have its own developer core that only runs iPad specific.

I have an iPhone and a G1 Google Phone. The iPhone is better all around, but I still enjoy the manual keypad of the G1. My iPhone has been Jailbroken to run T-Mobile but doesn’t get 3G. I find myself using the G1 more.

I still have all my old Newtons too. Honestly, I’d rather have a color Newton 2000 that is also a cellphone, keeps the pen, gets a big screen (in between iPad & iPhone size) and remains somewhat portable with a belt case. I’d love one of those, but Apple just dropped that form function flat.

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