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What major to pick?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) March 5th, 2010

I am currently studying graphic design, and realised that I am falling through a different path, now the problem is I am in between two majors, in which i dont know what do decide. As a future career what i want to do is to work in the movie industry creating the visuals, the effects and the graphics that go in a movie, (for a now a day eample, alice and wonderland) one of the programs is called game art and progrmming, and the other is media arts and animation. what i was told at my school is that the game art programming major is focused more on the technical part, making the objects and characters moves, with coding and such, as to the media arts and animation is more the artistic side, actually doing the modelings and the animations and such. I need help in deciding which major is going to put me where i want to be after i graduate. what are your thoughts?

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It depends on your technical expertise. If you’re so inclined to technology, then the former should be good. On the otherhand, if you’re more of an artist, then the latter is the way to go.

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thats the thing, i am a beginner for most things. I draw, Im good at math, and I have done some programming. so im fairly new at everything. but im there too learn, so that isnt stopping from deciding, i want to know what is going to take me to my future career goal

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Either one will get in you in some level of the animated movie/entertainment industry, granting you acquire and hone the skills required. Again, it will boil down to your interest of one over the other. One will be heavily focused on CGI while the other would make use of various media.

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exactly, and that is my problem… i dont know which way to go….

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No one on Fluther is going to be able to tell you which way you should go. You need to decide that for yourself. Which appeals to you more – creative art or computer programming? They are so different, you must know which you prefer. If you don’t, maybe you need to get to know yourself better. Take some drawing and programming classes and see which you like better.

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what experiences do you have in either so far?

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Speak with your instructor. You will get good, knowledgeable advice from him.

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Can you double major, or design your own major that will encompass both of these things? If you can’t, just take the classes that interest you the most and see either which major you end up completing, or which one you’re better at. After you graduate you can always say “I majored in Media Arts and Animation, but I also have a lot of experience in programming.” Right out of college you’ll probably put a selection of relevant coursework (“curriculum vitae” it’s called) on your resumé as well, which will be another way to highlight what you’ve done regardless of your major.

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Media arts & animation is where you should focus if art is your thing. Otherwise, you will be a programmer.

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I would suggest a double major. If several of the classes overlap, it shouldn’t require a great deal of additional time in school.

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@lilikoi…. i did not ask you nor fluther to tell me what to pick…. i asked fluther, and specific people who have experience in these fields to give me comments and their experinces, so then again, all im asking is for help, something that will make me decide in going either directions…

@fireinthepriory…. thanks for the comment, i will ask if i am allowed to do a double major.

thanks to all of you who are answering

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Dude, my best advice? Is to not over think it. Grab a major, do work, get your degree, work and do your hobby on the side. If you’re not going all balls to the wall and trying to become the next great artist you’ll be fine with my advice. Don’t be like me and waste time thinking and thinking what major to choose and let your GE’s pass you by. Remember, your major, has different curriculums. Don’t get caught up with all the difficulties. Do what your heart desires.

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