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What kind of sports fan are you?

Asked by nope (1804points) March 5th, 2010

I’ve been thinking about this lately. I live in a metropolitan area where we have pro and college football, pro and college baseball, and…college basketball. We used to have an NBA team, not anymore. I listen to sports radio a lot, and I’ve found recently that when I hear people calling in to talk about the NBA, any discussion that centers on getting a team back to this area is interesting enough, but there are people who call in just to talk about professional baskeball. And I find myself not giving a crap about it.

So I got to wondering, how and why are people sports fans? There are obviously those out there who just love sports, and they’ll follow almost any sport even if they don’t have a team. There are those out there who have teams, who are rabid fans even if their team hasn’t been a contender for decades. I’m not looking for people to give me a hard time here, but although I’m a loyal baseball fan, for other sports I’m more of a fair weather fan, who has a MUCH greater interest when my teams are good…when they’re not, I focus on other things (like, my kids need their dad).

So, what kind of sports fan are YOU? And why?

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When my team is doing well, I pay more attention. When they are doing poorly, it’s just too painful. And hockey? Well, who watches hockey any more?

My football team and my baseball team were both in the playoffs this year. I actually started watching the baseball team, which is amazing since I don’t really like it. They went pretty far, and I watched all the playoff games. I used to be a Red Sox fan, but once they won the World Series, I was released from my childhood loyalties, and could become a fan of my local team. It’s nice, especially since they have been doing better than the Sox lately.

Football is my favorite sport, but once my team lost in the playoffs (on wildcard weekend), I kinda stopped watching. The basketball team isn’t worth thinking about.

I’ll watch some college basketball—especially at this time of year (March). Once we bought a couple of ticket packages for my University’s team, but my son wasn’t that into it, so we didn’t do it again. Frankly, I’d rather go to the opera (which I’m not really fond of).

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I played hockey for many years, so it’s the only sport that really matters to me (@wundayatta)! . I’m a fan of the local pro team, because they were who I got fixed on first. I also enjoy football, mostly because the majority of my friends are fans, and I enjoy watching games with them. I can tolerate basketball, baseball puts me directly to sleep, and soccer, well… no.

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I am a live sports fan.

Live games are fun, I really like to be in a crowd of 5,000, 30,000, 100,000.

The exception is baseball on the radio – it’s “comfort food” for me. Baseball on the radio means I live in a civilized place. Yeah, Ernie Harwell!

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I am a local sports fan. I loved going to high school football and basketball games, mostly because so many of my friends were on the teams and I loved watching them. It was also something fun to do with my friends. I loved cheering at the games with my friends and knowing that friends of mine were also on the teams. My boyfriend played lacrosse senior year and I went to all his games until he quit.

Now that I’m in college, I still love going to football games (this is Stanford football, remember) and other sports. I may not know anybody on the teams this time around, but it’s something really fun to do with friends. It’s a social event, I’m a social person, it’s nice to be outside, it’s nice to root for your school, it’s just…fun. Because of this, I don’t too much watch sports on TV, unless I’m with a bunch of people. It’s the social factor that I love.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t like it, people are just interested in different things. But there’s nothing wrong if you do like it, either.

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@DominicX YES! Thank you, that’s a very honest answer. One can’t put everything in one’s question, right? But…when I was in college (and by the way, I applied to Stanford…and was denied, lol), I ended up being a huge fan of some of the sports, hockey in particular (I went to college on the east coast). We had a great team, and although I got dragged (and I mean dragged) to the first home game when I was a freshman, we annihilated the competition, 15–3, and there was a school song and everything, lol, after every goal. It was awesome, and I never missed a home hockey game in my 4 years there. I also became a fan of the women’s soccer team which was pretty amazing, especially my senior year when my sister (a new freshman) started to play for the team. Loving your school sports is very understandable.


I like to swim, and I excel in it. I used to swim competitively when I was younger, but today I just swim for exercise and leisure. I also do a lot of downhill and cross-country skiing, and speedskate in the winter months. Despite being an active and athletic person, I am not a big sports “fan”. I dislike most competitive sports like football and hockey, and I particularly loathe mixed martial arts.

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I’m a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. No one would admit to being a lifelong fan to a losing team like the Giants unless they were truly a diehard fan. I follow them regardless of how successful they are. It always pisses me off when all these fans seem to appear when the Giants start winning. I’ve no love for fair weather fans. Let them follow the A’s or Dodgers instead.

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I’ve been through the good and the bad with the Denver Broncos for many years. I left my sister’s house early on Thanksgiving so I wouldn’t miss the game. Football is the only sport that I enjoy watching on tv. I would watch it live if I could, but I live in central Illinois.

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@jonsblond Ah, so…why aren’t you a Bears fan then? Obviously there’s something that ties you to the Broncos…what is it? Are you from that area originally? And if you continue to be a fan of your team from “before”, is there any basis in your reluctance to be a fan of your closer team?

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@jonsblond Oh, the Broncos. They’re great at getting your hopes up and then destroying them. Sigh.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Yes, but the Elway years were great years…especially the last two. I’m not crying about that, because my team has never won a championship.

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@nope I moved to Illinois in 1987 from Las Vegas. A friend of mine that I met here in Illinois happened to be a die hard Bronco fan. It was the Elway years, and my friend’s enthusiasm for the sport kind of stuck with me. My husband happens to be a Packer fan. As you can probably imagine, Super Bowl XXXII was very exciting in our house that year. especially for me :)

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I am a Football fan, College and Pro. I watch the Braves play when they are winning. I like winter sports such as those in the winter Olympic Games. I despise Basketball, Hockey and Soccer.

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I’m a lifelong football,soccer to the yanks,fan.It’s always been that way.Growing up with two brothers we played & watched sports almost to the exclusion of any thing else,well apart from girls obviously.

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I am a Rugby fan…. my dad was a rugby player, then referee. Grew up knowing and loving the sport.

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I don’t watch sports very often.When I do,it would be golf on tv or if a friend is palying rugby,then I would go to watch him get destroyed ;).

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Nothing beats underwater hockey.

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I’m a diehard Bruins and Red Sox Fan. The only team sport I ever played was hockey. I sat on the bench for two years in college (second-string goalie).

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There is only one sports team that I care about, Portsmouth FC, and I will watch if their games are shown on TV. I have never physically been to see them play so I am by no means a fanatic like some football team supporters but I genuinly care about their progress and feel disappointed if they lose a game.

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@Leanne1986 Play up Pompey! Well you may be relegated but you have the prospect of another FA cup final looming.

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I’m not a sports fan at all, but I do keep up with hockey so I can tease all the rabid fans here about how our province’s hockey team sucks total bawlz.

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@ucme To be honest with you, I don’t mind at all if we are relegated. In the Premier League we are a little fish in a big pond and I am bored of seeing them lose to the Arsenals and Man Uniteds! At least in a lower league we stand a chance of winning from time to time! It’s quite funny as my dad and my brother are dedicated Southampton fans which causes friction from time to time!!

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@Leanne1986 Southampton play my team next weekend.Who knows our teams may meet next season.That is if Leeds pull their fingers out.

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The uninterested kind who sits next to her husband on the couch while he yells instructions to the coach. I know enough about it and would be interested if a football game actually lasted an hour, like the minutes on the clock, instead of four. Drives me crazy.

Unless the Colts are playing and it’s getting close to the end of the season. I live in VA but grew up in Indianapolis and will always stick by them. (I was in 3rd grade when they moved from Baltimore, so they are an Indy team to me.)

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I’m a faithful SEC football fan.

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@Symbeline How things have changed! The Habs are one of the few teams consistantly worse than the Bruins.

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I’m not really a sports fan, I don’t follow a particular team, and I dislike watching sport on TV. However I do love to be at a live game (any kind of sport, but in the UK its usually Football (soccer) or rugby. I love the atmosphere of a live game.

I will never, as long as I live, go to watch cricket live again. I went once, and it was the dreariest, most boring thing I’ve ever experienced.

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I love to watch cricket, football etc. I am not a regular football watcher, but i have never missed FIFA World Cup football tournament. I am rooting for Brazil. That’s it.


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I’m really enjoying the World Cup (even on TV). I’m supporting England of course but also Brazil, as I drew them in the sweepstake at work. I think I have a good chance at winning that. :)

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Laissez faire.

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