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Are there any good documentaries about women's prisons?

Asked by squidcake (2636points) March 5th, 2010

I think it would be an interesting subject, and I wanna know if there’s some good, full-length, legit documentaries (meaning I can actually rent or watch it somewhere) about them. Thanks.

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Yes. Lockup Raw/Lockup Extended Stay on MSNBC did a special on a women’s prison. Here’s a clip and here’s the site
I think there are 2 specific episodes about women’s prison: Tennessee, and North Carolina

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Here’s a whole episode
Lockup Raw Inside North Carolina Women’s Prison

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Thanks! I’m watching it right now.

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@squidcake oh good! I’m glad I could help. I watch those shows with my boyfriend. We love them. You can also find some clips on youtube. (there was a 2 hours special, but in pieces) that delt with women in prison
I just found Lockdown by National Geographic, that has an episode about women, but I can’t find the full episode

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Diane Sawyer did an ABC special in which she herself spent several days locked up in a women prison.

Some of her interviews with specific women prisoners were very insightful and some were heartbreaking accounts of women who had been severely abused for years and subsequently murdered their abusers and facing life sentences without parole.

Even tho done years ago, I still remember it vividly.

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@Violet totally agree :) lockup raw is awesome show. It’s crazy the dynamics from women prisons to the male counterparts. With the women its like being in a twisted college dorm where everybody has some kind of emotional bond to each other. The male prisons seem to be like you would get your throat cut at the drop of a hat. You women seem to know how to make everyplace more homely. I guess a women’s touch is really all you need :)

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“I watch those shows with my boyfriend. We love them.”

Tell me more.

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There is also the movie Black Mama, White Mama

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The Magdalene Sisters. Not exactly what you asked for, but worth a look. Set in Ireland, based on truth, about “reform schools” for girls, run by nuns, at a tidy profit to themselves.

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