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Is there a SAFE online pharmacy?

Asked by phillis (8623points) March 5th, 2010

I am aware that many countries, even industrialized ones, have different standards than the US for the same medications we use here. I also know that third world countries offering cheap prescription meds cannot be trusted. We are self-pay, and need to offset our monthly prescription costs, if possible. Our medications are common ones that can be found at almost any pharmacy. It seems that we do not qualify for the $4 med programs offered. Have you had any success with any online pharmacies, or know anyone who has?

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Do you believe in a Miracle cure ?
All medicines (mainstream and alternative) have possible side effects and of course nothing in excess is good for you.
Maybe I have miss-read your question but I’m sure that there are no pharmacies that offer 100% safe medicines. (‘safe’ Is surely relative)

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Thank you. For my family, the fact remains that, until alternative medicine can catch up, a fatty liver is worth the quality of life we get in the interim. I don’t see Farrah’s hair around here anywhere, do you?

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be more specific about the condition and you may get a better answer relating to alternative medicine.

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I don’t know a specific one, but Canadian pharmacies, in general, have very good reputations. So much so that Seniors living in border states frequently organize monthly busloads to go up to Canada with their prescriptions.

I’m assuming the same standards would apply for those Canadian pharmacies who have Internet sites.

Prices are so much lower because they negotiate with suppliers in a united fashion due to their medical system.

I’d sooner trust those rather than ones in Mexico.

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I have used for one of my husband’s medications for about four years, without problems. It takes a little longer for shipping, but it’s worth it in the price, for sure. You just have to order a little earlier than you would be needing a refill. They also offer generic medications which is also a big $$ saver.

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some brick and mortar pharmacies participate in a home delivery program. So you get the benifits of home delivery and a reputable pharmacy. If you need anything else that you need to bypass the formal doctor to pharmacy to your door by means of anonymity you need something else.

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@Buttonstc and @autumn43 Thank you, that was just what I needed.

@12_func_multi_tool Anonymity isn’t needed, but it’s a good point. Thanks for the added advice.

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Glad to help. If it keeps you from the horror of crappy or questionable Mexican pharmaceuticals, that’s fine by me :)

Maybe one day our own govt. will wake up to the joys of collective bargaining.

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Canadian pharma is cheaper because, as a nation with socialized health care, it’s subsidized. Americans that purchase from them are, in a way, stealing from the Canadian people. I know that some folks see that as a lesser evil than going sick because they can’t afford medicine here in the U.S., but for me, the implications are hard to ignore.

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I may change my username to Canada’s Mexican, Laureth. The Hispanics come here and suck off our government. Hell, they get things that even I rightfully qualify for, but am not allowed to have. And I am a citizen! I seriously feel your frustration. We should have a McDonald’s-type sign at the US/Mexico border that says: Millions and Millions served.

Thanks, Thriftymaid :)

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How is this stealing from Canadians ? If we were to use a Canadian friend’s address in order to receive medical care from a Canadian hospital or doctor that would be a different story altogether. I have seen documentary accts of some desperate people with cancer who have done that.

But the reason that the Pharmacy prices are so low is due to the fact that the Canadian government negotiates far lower prices from the pharmaceutical companies than the US does because there is no organized govt. effort.

All the drug industry lobbyists in DC make sure that will never happen.

But since the Canadian drugstores have the advantage of lower prices, they still make money selling to US citizens so I don’t see how that harms a single Canadian citizen.

I can’t recall the specific details, but I recall seeing a news report in which a Governor of a state said that his states medical plan for state workers negotiated a deal with a Canadian pharmacy to supply them.

If the Canadians felt they were being cheated somehow, they could certainly prohibit their pharmacies from selling to US citizens.

It’s OUR OWN crazy govt. which is trying to prevent it by legislation which would criminalize it. So far it hasn’t passed afaik, but how messed up is that. It’s not as if drug companies are on the verge of bankruptcy anytime soon.

It’s just poor American consumers who are in that predicament. If the day ever comes when I need some horrendously expensive medication to keep me alive and it’s not available as an affordable generic, I’ll be ordering from Canada with no qualms at all. My conscience will be clear and I’ll sleep just fine at night :)

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@Buttonstc – turns out there are many factors that enter into it. Thank you for spurring me to look this up, for I have learned. :)

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