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What is this feeling called?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) March 6th, 2010 from iPhone

When everything and everyone feels and looks the same?

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Cognitive/visual stagnation? Monotony? Boredom? Glitch in the Matrix, perhaps?

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Either Depression
or enlightenment !

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I have not yet experienced that one. Are you doing shrooms or peyote?

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Nope no drugs or anything…..

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Perhaps like the LGM in Toy Story who say “ooooooh we are one”

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I guess…

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Damn, beaten to the punch by @La_chica_gomela, but I too would say ennui. It sounds like you need to find a new reason for the birds to sing :-)

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I don’t feel bored though.

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Could it be monotony?

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Deja vu?

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You are in the Army now?

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being grown up =\ your just going through the motions with life. believe me I know how that feels.

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Realistically, it can be a symptom of depression. Where everything is the same, nothing holds any interest and you are either indifferent or actively opposed to living. I believe it’s related to anhedonia.

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Boredom. are you standing in the checkout lanes at a WalMart?

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Sometimes all too often I feel this way and to agree with @escapedone7 & to quote Powerman 5000 – “Everybodies here, but nobody showed up.” a little song called A is for Apathy.

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There was a point in my life were this happened. Nothing was special. Even my favorite foods were nothing special to me. This was right as me and the wife called it quits for good. I was very stressed from work already and we just had another child. I think adding the end to my marriage just pushed me too far emotionally and my mind decided not to accept anything since it might hurt me. This probably sounds dumb, but it is my own explanation for it. This lasted a few weeks maybe a month and a half at most. I have read about depression and it could have been that. Tho for me luckily it was temporary, and life went back to its wonderful amazing awesomeness. I hope you or whoever brought this up to you breaks out of it. If not it might be best to talk to a Dr.
Now to answer your question I would say depression.

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I’d say depression, I went through that in highschool for about a year, had no desires, not to get dressed, go out and have fun, not even to be successful. Food didn’t seem appealing and really everything was the same to me. I had a chemical imballance at the time and has given antideppressants for about a year (some people need them for longer perhaps their entire lives) but my chemicals ballanced out after about a year, and I’ve been fine ever since.

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How long has this been going on? Is it a recent development and, if so, is there a major stress in your life right now?

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There’s this book I’m reading where they author compares humanity and its societies to the system of ants, of which this reminded me of for some reason.

I don’t know what the feeling is called, since I think that might depend on how and why one may feel this way, and then there’s the whole thing with interpretation…

So I’m an ant, huh…oh man now I’m all depressed.

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When you just dont care?

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I’m not an expert at this yet but could it be that your focus is all on one thing or person and it’s affecting your life and no matter how much you try to get yourself back on track you don’t seem to be able to do it?

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