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How do i correctly restore my computer to a point where the virus wasn't there?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (175points) March 6th, 2010

Im seriously about to quit, my computer has been going off the wall lately, and im starting to think i should just restore it..the thing is i dont know how to do that. This virus is making it so that i cant acess my youtube account,, facebook account settings and
any google results i click on take me to random sites.

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That was the reason i swapped to mac. No Viruses. Answering your question though, i think you need to have backed up your files in order to restore to a previous point. Otherwise you will have to back up what data you can now externally (provided that data isn’t infected) and completely reformat your computer using the windows discs you have.

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@FishGutsDale umm..that might prove to be another problem..i remember i had to restore one time before but that was with tech supports help. this time when i called, they didnt help at all..they just told me relax and wait for it to leave..;(

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Do you have any anti-virus software? IF you can find the name of the virus you can google how to go about removing it.

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Do you mean like a system restore?

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when i said my results took me to random sites..i meant that everytime i try looking for antivirus software or anyhing pertaining to solving the either gives a 404 error..or another random site..@davidbetterman, yes like a system restore

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ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE IT STRIKES MY FLUTHER ACCOUNT..GASP..then who am i supposed to get help from?

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Start menu, help and support, system restore

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Did you try starting in safe mode by pressing f8 a few times after rebooting your computer, before windows fully loads? That should take you to an option to start in safe mode. Once you are in safe mode, see if your browser works enough to download a free scanning program like spybot or avg , and run a scan in safe mode. I don’t think system restore is going to cure a virus. Well I take that back. I have read in some instances it can. Worth a try. If it works get an antivirus and use it.

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Restore.

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so..anyways i tried the safe mode idea..and when i tried logging onto the internet..their were no internet connections much for that idea..

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Safe Mode gives you the option to run sans Internet connection. Maybe you picked that.

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“they just told me relax and wait for it to leave”

Are you serious, a tech support line told you that? O_O

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Well a virus may stay resident in memory despite your best efforts to delete it. The restoral process only changes modifications in system files and if the virus is linked to files in the general directory or in areas that aren’t affected by system change then u may be in trouble without something that will wipe them out. God… such issues with windows based system. I do all my web surfing on my mac now because its a dangerous internet out there now!

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My computer attack was a work of art. the show was directed by The Red Trojan and contained a cast of thousands. the admission was free. the movie’s plot was very simple: to take over and shut down Johns computer. toward the end of the movie, i realized that this movie was not in 3-D and the ending was not going to be good. and, i was correct. the director complety shut down the door to my computer and would not allow any more entertainment at my movie.

Not to be defeated, i took my computer and the cast of thousands to a wooded area and shot it to death. i buried The Trojan along side my kidnapped computer and bid both farewell.

I now have a new system. its protected by the anti-virus police and all is well.

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Now that’‘s a novel way of solving your viral problem!

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I see Viruses as a challenge. Make it easy. Get lazy.

Especially when it is about computers. I make some good money on the lazy.

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And this is why I like Linux, though on the WinXP side I like AV programs that actually stop >99% of the crap out there (Avira, Avast!, G-data) as opposed to the pre-installed drek that is considerably less effective and only used because it was already there (Norton, McCaffee) or is pretty and well advertised (AVG, Norton).

@john65pennington I find that matches and gasoline are more effective in those situations. Extreme temperatures kill more reliably than bullets, especially when you are trying to kill something bacterial/viral. That, and you can’t toast marshmallows over a shooting victim as well as you can over a nice fire. Just don’t try it in the woods ;)

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Jerv, good advice. thanks.

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Heres what you do:

1. Take a flash drive or disk to another computer, a freinds PC, or a library.
2. Download “Rkill” (rkill.exe or Root Kill) and run it on your infected PC.
3. You can now access the internet freely. Download AVG free and run a scan, or alternatively use Malwarebytes Antimalware.

Good luck!

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… or Avira’s Antivir
... or Avast

Both portable, both more effective than AVG.

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