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Does anyone know (from personal experience) the pros and cons of having a hedgehog as a pet?

Asked by dpworkin (27045points) March 6th, 2010

I can get information on line about this, but I prefer to hear an about an actual African Hedgehog owner’s experiences.

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All I know is that in the UK these animals are not recommended as pets at all.
Theres a place quite near here called Tiddywinkles which is a hedghog sanctuary and thats the advice they would give.

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I should have called it Tiggywinkles !!

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Mt sister-in-law and brother-in-law had one as a pet. It was very cute, but it was prone to sickness.

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It never even occurred to me that people have pet hedgehogs. They’re awfully cute.

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We had one for about two months before we gave it to my cousin so she’d stop coming over every day to play with it.
I really enjoyed having him around. He didn’t mind being held, but he wasn’t at attention seeker, so it was okay to just leave him be and not interact for long periods of time for a day or two if I was super busy.
He did really really love hardboiled eggs.
I don’t really have any cons, as we didn’t have him for too long, but I’ve worked with them at the pet store too and I can’t think of a con from that either. I wouldn’t mind having one again.

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my brother in law had one in his early teens, he’s 19 now, and it did get sick more often than the cat did. Also, It was pretty stinky, one of the worst smelling pets that I have ever been around. But it was a neat pet other than that.

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They are cute and may make great companions but keep in mind that their tank’s or habitat’s tend to smell. If you use cedar or newspaper to line their cage it may be messy. Also they are nocturnal so they are up at night and sleep during the day. They need exercise, so most people put an exercise wheel in their cage but keep in mind that they will use it at night. So keeping their cage in your bedroom is not a good idea. You can train them to be tame and human friendly but anything with teeth can bite.

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