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How do I keep my vegetables fresh?

Asked by Sonnerr (588points) March 6th, 2010

Does keeping my vegetables in the bags that they came in, keep them from staying fresh? Does the moisture have to do with it? Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible? I know that each vegetable is different and needs to be eaten withing a certain amount of days, but as far as staples, can anyone help me out?

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Vegetables are still emitting gases (as they do when they are living), once they are harvested. So for max freshness, keep them breathable. Like in a perforated box or something. B/C keeping them in bags (so it’s not the moisture actually), keeps them exposed to the gases they create, which ripens them more quickly . . .

(which is why if you want your fruit to ripen faster, you keep them in a bag!)

So the key is air flow.

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Depends what kind of veggie we are talking about here.

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These produce bags are supposed to keep produce fresher, longer.

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Moisture is sometimes the enemy (rotted parsley, scallions, etc) so you can try a folded sheet of paper toweling added to whatever package you choose.

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One trick is simply copying the grocery. Carrots and broccoli are in the fridge, potatoes and bananas are not, etc.

If things are bagged and refrigerated, I find they keep longer unbagged and in the crisper drawer.

There are tons of guides on the web, here’s one from the U. of Minnesota

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In the crisper out of any bags.

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Years ago a friend made me a salad-greens keeper bag out of cotton or linen with instructions to put the fresh clean greens in and dampen the bag slightly and put it back in the fridge. It was great. I find I achieve a similar effect with paper bags that are the right size for the veg and not with a shiny surface finish, like a wine bottle bag [but not a fancy printed one of shiny paper, just plain ol’ brown bag], a splatter of water if the veg isn’t already very wet, [and this can be put in an OPEN plastic bag that allows air circulation]—putting paper towels in a plastic bag with the veggie helps too. The secret is to retain only the most minimal moisture—too much rots the vegetable—too little dessicates it.

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You could to put them in black plastic and leave it in anaerob condition. This will prevent its oxidation and make it last longer. Wash your vegetable just in the time you’re about to consume/cook it. The colder the temperature the longer your veggie will last(for most veggie). Although Organic vegetable will certainly last longer.

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I keep them in the crisper drawer of the fridge, but unwrapped. Ecxept for mushrooms, which I keep in a paper bag. But really I find the best way is to buy fresh more often, in smaller quantities, and eat quickly.

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As soon as possible after harvest, get them into the freezer.

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