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Why do we have sore spots/ points on our heads...

Asked by nebule (16446points) March 6th, 2010

…specifically the cranial area.

I’m presuming we all have these..if you press with one or two fingers on different parts of your skull there are very very tender sore areas. I’m pretty sure that I have these all the time and that we probably all have these… what are they?

If this is not clear feel free to prompt me and I’ll explain further…

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I just palpated my whole skull and I don’t seem to have any sore spots.

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—This rock that sits on my neck is pain-free—lol!

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To prevent us from hurt it. If we know it’s our fragile part we’ll take more concern of it.

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:-/ seriously… no sore spots… oh…dear…

@Doctor_D they are they just little spots probably only 1cm in diameter all over in different places…. am i just supposed to take care of all those little spots and not the whole thing? ;-)

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Maybe your brain is just so gigantic it’s dying to come out!

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@MissAnthrope Yes, I’ve thought about this… lol xx

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That’s where our parents dropped us as newborns.

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but… they change…

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You shouldn’t have sore spots on your head. That’s not a good sign.
We don’t all have these.

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@lynneblundell Can you describe more please. Is this on the scalp-the skin? Like small skin outbreaks? or rashes? or are you talking about the skull-bone? Does it itch, then you scratch too much until it hurts?
If it’s skin only, it could be reaction to hair care products or colorings. Harsh chemicals and ingredients that can irritate.

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If the pain seems to be in your skin only, you could have ingrown hairs or plugged follicles in those locations. That would explain why they move, too. Try really scrubbing your scalp the next time you shampoo… after first feeling all over gently to see if you feel any little bumps.

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Sounds like what happened when we had lice. We couldn’t find them, so we just went about itching our heads and trying to figure out what we were allergic to. All that itching made us get this weird rash.

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You’re not talking about teeth, are you? Because those are mostly okay… now. They haven’t always been.

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The only spot on my head that is like that is where a chunk of skull was damaged by a shell explosion 19 years ago.

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Check out the tender points (bilateral) of Fibromyalgia.

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Does it happen when you wear your hair up or in a different way? I have had this and just decided it was from hair position while sleeping. My sister has said the same thing.

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I have this, too, Lynne. I think it’s because of my bad neck, but have just accepted it. Good question!

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I have one, but it has been in the same place since I first noticed it at around age 16.

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Too much smarts! It’s bulging out of your head!!!

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You were dropped on your head.

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lol…thanks all… no…it’s not a skin thing at all… it’s more like underneath the skin… the skull itself… almost like a very mild bruise in small areas but as I’ve said varying all over in different places on the head. It doesn’t affect them if I wear my hair up. ON my way out but will write more later and check out that link… @gailcalled

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I think it’s where the aliens probed you. They move because they are taking you still and experimenting on you.

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hmmm… I’m feeling like I’m a bit of a freak now…thanks guys!! lol

well…I don’t know… they are definitely sore spots and to be honest there are that many of them I would have to do a detailed analysis and mapping of the location of them all and then another one to see if they shift or anything I guess… or to see whether ‘it’s all just in my “head”’ like so many other things….

It is nothing to do with lice though… @ChocolateReigns :-)

I’m more inclined to go with the brain bulging idea (thanks @loser and @MissAnthrope) but I think aliens is a little too far fetched for me @stevenb :-) but who knows!!

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@lynneblundell I just discovered the same thing about a month ago. I had a headache for 3.5 straight weeks. It was a combination of a dull pain a the base of my skull, and there was a sharp pain that would “crawl”, day by day, up the back of my head, slightly to the right-hand side at “bumps” of my skull. After going to the doctor and discovering that by blood pressure was very high, I was put on a blood pressure medicine that also helps with headaches (a beta-blocker).

Anyway, it’s been about a month since I’ve been on the BP medication, and the headaches have become more infrequent (thankfully), but I do have those spots on my head that are tender. It’s the kind of tenderness that urges you to keep poking around to “feel” what the real problem could be. I mentioned it to my doctor, along with my logic that maybe there is just a little more pressure there between the bulges of the skull and the scalp that is stretched over it – and it’s that pressure that causes the tenderness.

Sorry I don’t have an actual answer, but you’re not alone.
When is the last time you checked your BP?

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thanks @Spider my blood pressure has always been perfect…even through pregnancy and major stressful times. They are still there…the sore spots… but I’m putting it down to being a little bit odd and my brain bulging out a little due to extensive knowledge of the philosophy of the mind lol ;-) Thank you for your contribution…maybe I’ll mention it next time I go (I go to the doctor often…too often)

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