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What do you think will become the next Olympic Sport?

Asked by babaji (1440points) March 6th, 2010

Golf just made it. It seems like everything is being represented. what about the next thing to be added?

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If I have any say about it, Ultimate Frisbee.

Farcking awesome sport. ^_^

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Turkey bowling.

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Golf? Ewwww.

Then I guess bass fishing will be next.

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How about women’s ski jump?

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Or poetry.

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Pancake eating!

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I think women’s ski jump would be pretty sensible. I mean, we watched like 2 days of nothing but ski jump at the start of the Olympics this year, but it was all guys. Couldn’t somebody label that as discrimination and get all offended?

I just thought of the possibility that maybe women’s ski jump already is an Olympic sport, but NBC’s stupid coverage chose not to show it?

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If curling on ice is any indication, it will most assuredly be bocce ball.

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I dunno. Bocce in my neighborhood is old guys with pants hiked over their potbellies.

Curling, on the other hand…

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Skateboarding. You have to keep the youth interested.

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Skateboarding! Yes!

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@jaytkay Yeah…old guys with pants hiked…just like SHUFFLEBOARD! Which is all curling really is, at the end of the day.

How about chess?

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Nothing against chess, but it’s not a physical sport, not gonna be an Olympic event.

I wish I were better at it. There are two chess clubs within walking distance of my place.

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I’d really like to see barrel racing make it.

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@jaytkay I was being a little sarcastic, because I don’t think a lot of things in the Olympics are sports. You should learn to play chess better, it’s a fun game. The biggest improvement in my game actually came from reading a relatively short book about it…it explained the beginning, middle & end game, and had you practice. I read it, embarrassingly enough, so I could start beating my little sister again, when she got too good at it. :)

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@ChocolateReignsIt isn’t. Pretty pathetic, no?

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@Les Hmm…I wonder why. I also wonder why they’ve survived without getting sued for discrimination.

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iPhone typing!!!

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Another vote for skateboarding. It can be good.

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Dodge Ball
@ucme Darts good call…

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Toddler chasing

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