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How do I get my 4-month-old puppy to stop licking his penis?

Asked by prolificus (6540points) March 6th, 2010

I have an American Hairless Terrier. The first time he humped someone was on February 7. Ever since then, he has been acting like he is obsessed with his penis.

Whenever I hold him (I am his primary relationship), he licks his penis. Twice this week he licked to the point of having a full-blown errection. I stopped holding him when I realized what he was doing.

He has not performed this obsessive-like behavior in front of his other mommy, although he will have an occasional lick. He does respond to “No” and “Stop,” but only momentarily.

Note: He is scheduled to get neutered in two weeks.

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Four months is old enough to neuter. That will help. But you’ll never eliminate the behavior completely (he is a guy, after all).

If he has any discharge (besides the ultimate discharge – ejaculate), he may have a bacterial overgrowth.

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Sounds like penis envy.

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we had a similar problem but our dog did grow out of it. Kind of a temporary obsession.

The getting fixed will definitely help though.

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Why do you care if your dog wants to lick his penis?

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When they die they stop. Before that, it’s tough.

You know the George Carlin joke? Why do dogs lick their balls?

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He’s a dog. They do that.

As per George Carlin, dogs lick their balls because they can.

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@dpworkin – I don’t care if he does this when he is alone. What he does with his penis is his business. What I do care about is that he does this when I am holding him, or when he is laying on the couch.

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Lick it for him???

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Find him some pussy.

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You could go the catholic route and beat him with a newspaper every time it happens so he is completely ashamed of his body.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – he’s not into cats.

@Captain_Fantasy – I have thought about it! Actually, he seems upset when he is deeply involved in his activity. I say this because he whines and whimpers just like he does when he is in the crate and wants attention. So, instead of shaming him, I tell him that he is okay, that “it is okay.” (Said in a loving, parenting voice.) And, when he moves on to another activity, I give him lots of good attention.

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I don’t know – I don’t see this as a problem

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Here’s the thing. He’s a dog, he’s male, he’s got raging hormones, and he’s adolescent. It’s like a masturbation marathon waiting to happen. And since he’s a horny dog, and licking feels good, and he doesn’t have the same moral hangups as people have, he might not even realize that this activity is “wrong” to some humans. It’s just the way nature made him.

I’m sure the neutering thing will help with the “raging hormones” part. And I’m sure that he’s whining and whimpering because it feels really good. (My husband sometimes whimpers too.) But until he gets those little hormone factories removed, the best course of action might be to try to be less obsessed with his penis yourself for the next couple weeks. Try to think about other things. Move on to other activities, and this too shall pass.

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@laureth – OMG!! You’re sooooo right! LOL

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@laureth this too shall pass…hahahhahahahha

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He might have an infection down there- you should take him to the vet. That, or he just enjoys it- you should leave him alone.

Is he licking the skin around it, or the thing itself? ‘Cause flees like that kind of soft-growth hair down there.

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@tentaclepuppy said: “Is he licking the skin around it, or the thing itself?”

It’s not a “thing”. How dare you call it that. It’s a “thang”, and don’t you ever forget it!

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Squirt Sriracha on it.

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@prolificus If you comfort him everytime he licks you are only re-enforcing the behavior.
And your best bet is neuter him. After that see if you can distract him when he starts up.

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(Note* today is my “short answer day”) @prolificus How? You don’t. ~shrugs~

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@MrsDufresne I think I need to start having a short answer day.

@prolificus sounds like he doesn’t have many days of full attire left, why not let him enjoy?

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He can’t make a fist with a paw!

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I want to be reincarnated as a dog….

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why are you waiting two weeks to neuter him ? Change the date to sooner.

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Update: Puppy was fixed over a month ago. Problem solved.

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Yes for you. Poor puppy.

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Hmmm…I don’t know much about dogs and penis obsession,.
I do know my 14 yr. old cat has a humpy thing for soft blankets. Always has, never outgrew his humpy blanket moments Neutering didn’t make a dif.

He gets seriously involved in his humping and makes little meowy sounds if humpy interuptus happens. haha.
I just make sure that certain nice throws that might go to friends and overnight guests arn’t exposed to random humpy moments. lol

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You don’t find that just a little twisted? My puppy is licking his penis so I cut off his balls!

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@SeventhSense – don’t worry, your balls are safe.

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God it’s cringe worthy.

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