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Any recommendations for a good Steampunk or Victorian era RPG?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) March 6th, 2010

So I purchased Victoriana but I’m incredibly frustrated by its system. The background information and the world are really cool but the gameplay is too complicated for my players’ taste. However, they also don’t like the system from D&D 4th edition because it’s been simplified too much and doesn’t emphasize skills.

SO, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions. Suggestions for a Victorian era or Steampunk RPG, specifically. If you also have suggestions for making Victoriana simpler, that’s great too. I bought the 2nd edition of it.

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Can’t think of any. Scraping my brain here. Closest thing that came to mind when you said “steampunk” was Rise of Legends , but it isn’t RPG. Rise of Legends is RTS. You may still like it though.

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Steve Jackson Games has a GURPS Steampunk supplement.

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Never heard of any, myself. You might try starting a letter-writing campaign to make a RPG based on the League of Extrodinary Gentlemen…

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Magna Carta is not half bad

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@escapedone7 yeah, I’m looking for more of a “table top” campaign. Until I get a new laptop (hopefully within the next year) computer games will be out of the question. I’ll put it on my list though.

@mrentropy aha! this looks most intriguing…

@HungryGuy what do you mean exactly?
I don’t have any trouble putting the flavor of victorian age into the game. I guess I’m looking more for a game play system that’s straight forward and enjoyable. I’m relatively new to RPGs so I wasn’t sure if there was a set down “you must play this if you like steampunk” game.

@ChaosCross Is that a computer game or is there also a tabletop RPG?

I guess I should specify tabletop RPG for now. Computer and game system ones will come in due time.

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GURPS is obvious for just about anything, and is my system of choice regardlesss of genre. They have Discworld and Goblins, the latter being a quirky 1830s alternative London. However, Castle Falkenstein immediately sprang to mind. Do a little looking and you’ll see why.

Oh, wait… R. Talsorian sold that line a while back and made it into a GURPS worldbook that is now out of print. Still, you might find a copy of either the original version or the GURPS sourcebook somewhere. Or you can just get the PDF If you like the genre, I think CF is definitely worth a look.

There are also Forgotten Futures and Space 1889, or you could poke around here or here for stuff.

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@jerv WOW, thank you.

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Recently I saw an advertisement online for NeoSteam, a steampunk MMORPG. I have no idea if it’s any good, or if you’re interested in MMOs, but it is free so probably worth a look?

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When you get to computer RPG, then Arcanum has my vote :)

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@mulligrubs A streampunk mmo would be kind of awesome. Still depends on if my putt putt laptop can handle it.

@mrentropy Ah, now Arcanum I can play and I have started. It is quite nice.

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