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What are effects of the earth's internal warmth?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) March 6th, 2010

Is a volcano one of them?

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or any other ones you can think of?

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I don’t know if this is what you mean… but volcanic eruptions are caused when from a fault line between tectonic plates allows magma to penetrate the earth’s crust, and build up in ze magma chamber, which then will erupt after the pressure gets to great. And then, at constructive plate boundaries, where the tectonic plates move apart, the magma creates new land, because it rises above the crust through the gap created, and when it cools it becomes new crust. I think one example of this is a rift in the Atlantic ocean (why America and Europe are getting further apart).

Better than me trying to remember things from being school, but I think I’m writing about the wrong stuff and rambling about things you already know =P

But it’s interesting to read about.

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haha it definitely is :) i’m going to check that link out.
And yes, it’s the wrong stuff but maybe I’ll learn something else.

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It’s one of the contrubuting factors in Earth’s magnetic field.

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It recirulates neccesary elements and materials neccesary for life and the contiued cycle of the earth. If the earth was not tectonically active it is very possible that life could not have developed, as this is what the constant resurfacing and changing of the surface allows for, bringing materials back to the surface.

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Tectonic plate movement, generation of the magnetosphere, and vulcanism, which in turn affects the weather.

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It’s wants to mingle with the cold of outer space. Let me out, the law-abiding warmth cries. And it does wreaking havoc occasionally.

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