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How to nurse broken ribs?

Asked by talljasperman (21850points) March 6th, 2010

I’ve slipped on the ice and broken two ribs on the right side and maybe one on the right back…I am on anti-inflammatorys and I still have problems sleeping at nights…my back gets swollen and I need to turn over but it hurts…Is this normal…my doctor says he can’t do anything except give me pain killers and suggest wraps. Any advice on broken ribs would be lurved.

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I’ve broken ribs too many times to count.
I wrap my ribs and take pain killers before I sleep and that seems to help it enough that I can sleep through the night.

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Your doctor is right. Ribs are designed to “give” so that the lungs can expand upon inhalation. This means that they are not able to be isolated and stabilized like an arm in a cast. Short of the anti-inflamatories and (hopefully, low dosage) pain killers, wrapping them is about the best you can do until they knit back together. Listen to your body; if it sends you pain when lying in certain positions, oblige it. I’m sorry for your pain. Broken ribs are wicked painful.

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I moved to a bedroom on the first floor, used a walker to get around, took Tylenol to sleep and to take the edge off the pain and gritted my teeth for a few weeks. I got family and friends to shop and cook. (Also had a handyperson install hospital-quality grab bars in the shower so I could hang on.)

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They are pretty much hard to deal with- you just gotta grin and bear it- and don’t repeat activities that cause weirdness in them.

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I broke a few, and couldn’t sleep for 6 weeks.
Try sleeping in a recliner. The bed just doesn’t cut it.

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Unfortunately everybody is right. You’re just going to have to suck it up.

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Uh… maybe see a doctor? Just a silly idea.

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Don’t go to the comedy club any time soon and ya just got to tough it out…good luck!

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Ouch. I have no advice, but wanted to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take it easy on yourself! :)

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Be ready for a bout with the withdrawals when you finally stop taking the pain meds.

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I didn’t used to believe in this crap but the ONLY thing that helped the pain when I broke my ribs, was reiki. Each day I had to have it redone and that lasted for about a week, but then I was fine.
The only other advice I can offer is to avoid funny people.
Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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I would echo @loser‘s advice to avoid funny people. When I broke my rib, it seemed like the pain medication made situations funny.

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My ribs are better now… sleep helped. I still hurt when someone touches or puts pressure on my ribs. Thanks everyone for helping.

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My ribs are fine now its my left hand is broken and not strong anymore. I broke my hand 4 years ago in October 2012.

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All is well. Hand permanently f’ed.

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