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Is being psychic a sin?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) March 5th, 2008

I can move things around with my mind. Is that a sin?

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I will be honest; the Bible does not cover it. Not sure about the Koran or any other special books of law.

I was so ready for someone who could read minds or tell the future so I could say “what will I type next on this page?”

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Being psychic is not the same thing as being telekinetic, which is what you are describing. And I’m guessing that it isn’t a sin. What are you defining as a sin anyway?

Oh, by the way, you can’t move things with your mind.

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yeah. I pretty much agree with brownlemur

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lol so harsh. (I didn’t want to say it :P)

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what kinds of things do you move with your mind? how do you do it? how do you know you are making it happen?

just curious!

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It depends on what you move, and where you move it. Anything can be used to sin, if you choose to misuse it.

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The Bible doesn’t cover telekinesis, but if you could prove it, you stand to win one million dollars and change the face of science.

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Well, since telekenesis and sin don’t exist, they cancel each other out.

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“In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” Homer Simpson says to Lisa as he smashes her perpetual motion machine.

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you guys don’t believe i can move stuff with my mind? Try this: get a rubber band and cut it so that it is like a piece of string. Now tape a quarter at the end of the rubber band and hold the rubber band between your thumb and index finger. Imagine the coin moving back and forth…amazingly, it will move any way you want it to! Try it! Remember not to move your arm holding the pendulum.

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how about removing the questionable variable ( the arm ) and hanging it from an inanimate object first?

Oh, and since the observers would not be able to read your mind (left or right), this too is a gaping hole.

I write this off as a fallacy.

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This might be a better explanation of your “superpowers:”
It explains why your pendulum moves when you hold it and not when it’s attached to a stationary object. Although if you really do have “the force,” maybe you should practice on something a bit more useful than moving a pendulum around, like pinching your girlfriend’s butt from across the room.

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I move things with my mind too.
My mind is about to make me get up and go get a cup of coffee.

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I feel offended…

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Welcome to the club.

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I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s not a sin. For years I’ve been afraid of what I can do, thinking that it must be magic or demonic aid, but it’s not. It’s just me using the other parts of my brain that most people can’t. Must be from the high IQ. But it still scares other people so I keep it hidden most of the time. It all began when I was six and used to make toys come to me. After each of my two brother ran screaming from the room on separate incidences, I decided not to do it anymore. I’ve been afraid of what I can do. So now I only seem to be able to do it in important or emergency situations. Most recently a dental aid got the filling/heating device (don’t know the real name for it) too close to my eye, so I looked at it and it went flying across the room, hit the wall and fell to the floor.
The dentist ran in and wanted to know what happened to his expensive device. The dental aid left the room to tell him. See it scares people, so I try not to do it. But I wish there was a place where there were others like me that I could be myself around. When I saw the movie “Push”, I thought, hey, they’re like me, but it was just a movie. There’s got to be other freaks out there. If there are the Internet will be the only place I can find them. I can’t just walk up to people on the street and say hey can you break tree roots with your mind too? Too weird. So I keep it hidden in the real world to keep from ridicule and terrorizing others, but no, it’s not a sin. Socially unaccceptable, but not a sin.

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@lookin4otherslikeme if you can truly do what you say then you’re in for a nice surprise. There’s something called the RANDI million dollar challenge which means if you can reproduce your superpowers under controlled experimental conditions, then you’ll get a million bucks.

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Gorillapaws, for a million dollars I don’t give a——- who I scare, lol! I’ll check out the site.

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