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Why can't women just buy clothes that can go in the flipping dryer?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) March 6th, 2010 from iPhone

Is it that difficult or is it just a plot to get men to fail at laundry?

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Women have to buy nice clothes to please the general and very picky population of men. It sucks.

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@Everest Amen to that!

To expand, the nice clothes generally are not machine washable. Which is a royal pain in the ass.

I used to be able to buy these great machine washable tops from Ann Taylor, and now everything they sell is “Dry Clean Only”.

One of the reasons I’m thinking about going back to school is so I don’t have to dress up for society anymore. So not all women get a kick out of this.

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I’m a woman, and I own only a few pieces of clothing that can’t go in the dryer. I dress mostly for comfort, though. Women who need to dress up for work (or just enjoy it) mostly can’t get away with the Oxford shirt and chinos/suit that men often wear (though some can). Most ‘dress’ shirts available for women aren’t made out of dryer-friendly fabric. It’s not fair, I tell you. :/


Because women buy clothes that are not the rough and tumble type of clothes that men normally wear. Mpst women’s clothing wouldn’t stand a chance in the normal wash setting, let alone throwing it in the flippin dryer! Too delicate.

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Most well made quality clothing can’t just be thrown into the dryer. And some women’s underwear and bras (especially) aren’t meant for normal wash/dry either, but hand washing. I think most people in general don’t pay attention to how their clothes are actually supposed to be washed.

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ah ha ha ha!!! Great Questions!! For some reason, all the nicer clothes are more delicate. It’s not our fault, blame the designer!

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Men aren’t that picky when it come’s to women’s clothing, in fact, several men I know prefer it if women weren’t wearing clothes. I lean towards the school of thought that women dress to impress other women, on some level of their consciousness/sub-consciousness, whether they want to/can admit it or not. =p

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I buy clothes that can go in the dryer and ones that don’t need ironing.

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@ZAGWRITER In certain industries there is a minimum level of dressiness you have to maintain to be taken seriously. It’s not about what individual men or women think about each other or about competition; it is about society’s standards and expectations as a whole. I don’t care about impressing anyone – I wanted to show up in the free Tshirts I get from volunteer work and gym shorts every day (what I wore to sleep the night before, which are machine washable, btw), but I would have been fired.

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I don’t dry any article of clothing that I want to shrink or fade. Also it is my experience that clothes labelled as “dry clean only” can actually be gently machine washed with mild detergent and hung out to dry without any damage. If my husband can’t wash & dry my clothes the way I want it done, I just do it myself.

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The fabrics that they make women’s clothing out of are really terrible. If you buy something that fits in the store, it’s sure to shrink in the dryer. If you buy it a little big to allow for dryer shrinkage, you often end up with garments that fit weird.

Women dress for other women; most men don’t pay that much attention to what they have on, only that they look nice.

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what the fuck do you care what kind of clothes i buy, kevbo?

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^ is she kidding?

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What’s so hard about hanging clothes up anyway? Unless you are seriously short of space, there’s room inside or outside nearly every home to let clothes air dry. Using the dryer is an unnecessary waste of energy.

There is no plot against men: I’m just fond of nice lace and delicate fabrics.

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women know that a nice silky shirt that falls delicately over the tits, maybe showing some nipple in a cool breeze, is what men like to see. these clothes, however, don’t do well in dryers. would you prefer to put a shirt in a dryer, or see some shapely peaches? an Oxford shirt or sweatshirt would do great in a dryer, but then it would obscure the shape of my globes.

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If a woman purchased some clothes that went in the dryer that would be practical. To answer this question you must ask the larger question: Why aren’t women practical?

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I like sweater dresses and you can’t stop me!

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@Violet, she’s giving me the business.

Haha, you guys are cute!

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@malevolentbutticklish Don’t you mean “Why aren’t some women practical?”. I’m practical. I don’t buy anything that can’t be put into the dryer. There are sexy clothing items out there that are dryer friendly!

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Some of the sexiest sharpest women’s clothes are hand wash or dry-clean only. The Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress was not wearing washables….WOOF!

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@Everest: I take huge, huge, HUGE exception to that remark and must throw my hat in the corner of @ZAGWRITER!!! In all my years of living experience it has always, always, always seemed to me that women dress more for other women, not for men! And women are much more critical of other women than men are of women, generally speaking.

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