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Can you catch the same cold twice ?

Asked by z_malloc (73points) March 5th, 2008

In my specific case, seem to had just been getting over a cold, when it all happened again. Same symptoms right from the start. It’s this nasty cold going around in the NW that they say walks and talks like a virus but IS in fact a cold. I know your body develops antibodies to a specific strain of cold, but I am talking about an unusual case. Any possibility at all. Or just flat out impossible?

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supposedly no because your body builds a temporary immunity, however there are thousands of variants and variables that can cause sickness – the same strain effecting you twice is highly unlikely.

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Sometimes, I have noticed, when I am recovering from a cold, I am impatient to be out and about and rush things..then I have a relapse, or so it seems.

The best prevention, I am told, is to wash your hands a dozen times a day. Who knows?
Hope you are feeling better, IAC.

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Two notes:

1. Colds are viruses, that’s why they don’t give you antibiotics when you have a cold =)

2. Depending on the cold, it’s possible for it to mutate fairly quickly, so while you may have the same set of symptoms, it could be changing it’s shell enough to not be detected by your body’s antibodies, so you catch something very similar again.

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It’s possible, but only over a longer period of time if it’s being passed around a larger group. Usually it’s different, or you’re relapsing, not entirely better. The virus just stays in your system longer.
Take care of yourself. That will help.

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wow if you have the cold all over again that might be bad

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No because colds are caused by viruses and each time a virus infects a being it will mutate a little bit. So your immune system passes over it because it it’s slightly different and is not “marked” and destroyed. The new virus can infect you but when it does, it will have the same syptoms making it seem like you’ve caught it again.

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