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What is a creative way of presenting information about two sports from the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Asked by nimithemonkey (4points) March 7th, 2010

i am doing curling and two events from short track.
but at the moment, i do not know a creative way to present the information (# of participants, the winners, etc…)

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Interpretive dance.

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Write a short story with you as a main character. Include help from aliens from the Pleiades and a talking dog named Toto.

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Mime it.

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um, i just need project ideas.
im not presenting it in front of the class or anything.
like, posters and power points. but something more creative.

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Power point is a good way to go for school projects.
It shows extra effort. Teachers love that.
I think for Olympic events you’d want to concentrate on statistics by nation, which nations were involved and final results.

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Make a pop-up book presentation

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I always liked dioramas. Fortunately* I had three sisters, so there was never a lack of shoe boxes at our house.

* ‘Fortunately’ at the time in this single and minor respect, anyway.

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