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Can you direct me to some good online law or medical databases?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) March 7th, 2010

First off, I would like to say that this does pertain to a paper I am writing but I do not want any help with the actual information in the paper or the writing. I would just like some help finding resources.

I am writing a paper for my media law class and I am having a hard time finding pertinent resources. My topic is whether or not people who get into accidents in public places have a right to privacy while they are still in those public places. I am going to be using the court case Shulman v. Group W. Bench Productions, Inc. as my basis for the question.

The issue I’m having is finding sources for my paper. We are required to use at least six (for the time being, I only need to submit two) and I am having the darndest time finding articles and journals that relate to my topic. There’s a whole pile of articles on the right to privacy, but I have yet to find one that pertains to accidents in public places and privacy.

Does the collective know of any good databases out there where I could search and hopefully find something useful?

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@Mamradpivo has a very good one. Findlaw is tops.

“I am going to be using the court case Shulman v. Group W. Bench Productions, Inc. as my basis for the question.”
Do you know how to shepardize cases?

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I use Medline (for medical stuff, not legal stuff) which you can access for free here Pubmed

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Your library may give you free online access to useful resources..

For example, I can use West’s Encyclopedia of American Law through my library’s web site.

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@jaytkay: I’m actually perusing my library’s online databases now and I gotta say, we are severely lacking. I’m going to try and see if I can get access to the law school’s databases I’m an undergrad and so may not be able to to see what there is.

I will try those other sites. Thanks to everyone who answered!

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