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What is the difference between these two high-tech jobs: Internet Product Manager and Internet Project Manager?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) March 7th, 2010

I thought there isn’t difference but apparently there is. Also there is a difference in salary, Product manager earns more? Why is that? I’d love details explaining what the differences requirements.

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I can give you a quick version. A product is a “something” that we sell to the client, be it a service like web design or whatever. A project is a short lived…project. Like designing a game for a franchise. The project requires various experts input to complete, but when it is complete, the project is finished.

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Yeah, @Trillian is on the right track here. A project is a task or goal (can be small, or sometimes really really big) that needs to be accomplished, and a project manager would be the person making sure that all things necessary for accomplishing that task or goal happens. A product is something that the company produces (lets use the example of Xbox for Microsoft), and the product manager would be responsible for managing that whole product and all things related to it. It’s generally considered a bigger, more important job (unfortunately for the project manager I guess). I’m oversimplifying with the Xbox example, because I’m sure Microsoft has many product managers for that line, but it helps illustrate the example. Hope that helps.

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A product manager oversees the development of a consumer product. A project manager oversees a job such as networking a school system.

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A project manager is responsible for implementing a product change (a project has a beginning and an end).

A product manager is responsible for the operative use of a product and all the feedback it gets (which will hopefully be fed into a new project).

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Not much, they both sound like B.S. titles to me! Pretty much every project or product manager I have ever dealt with was a total moron, Harvard grad school pretty boy who spent more time playing golf than trying to understand the real working of information systems or software in general.

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