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Did your newly hired Personal Trainer nearly kill you?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) March 7th, 2010

I had been happily working out for a period of time. I had been really unfit so took it slowly. I was fearful of a stroke or some such thing considering my prior sedentary life style. I toned up, but did not lose weight. Anyway I hired a personal trainer, who by the way, lives downstairs from me, and lives a life fit for an army boot camp. If you follow my drift.
On my first day with her, I was lifting weights of 100 kgs, all the weights I lifted were so heavy I felt like I was tearing things. She pushed and pushed When I complained, she said all her client threw up after their first session with her. Is this right? I don’t feel it is. Plus, she told me all the way through how unfit I was. I dumped her of course. Never went back to gym. She also wanted me to do 1.5 hours cardiovascular per day with an uninterrupted heart beat. That was 7 days a week. With three days muscle building with those gigantic weights.

One thing I did learn was “it’s 80% of what you eat, and 20% exercise. If I even follow her diet and do nothing I shape up quickly. But what is your opinion on this lot? You think it was faulty?

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I threw up in the middle of my first session. He thought it was hilarious, but on subsequent sessions he went easier on me.

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No. Because he knew what he was doing.

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It seems like alot to start with. Is she mad at you? lol
It depends on the person ,I suppose.
I do cardio 7 days week,weights 6 days.Diet does count for alot.You can do all this without a trainer.There are many beginner books out there to help you.Good luck!You can do it all without her help :)

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No pain no gain, bullshit.Any programme should be tailored to the individual.

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This is why I get personal trainers in video game form. Wii Fit and EA Sports Active FTW!

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@lucillelucillelucille mad or demented? either or both I think

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@Lightlyseared so throwing up is the way to go huh? who knew

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@lucillelucillelucille you must be rocking hot is all I can say :)

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@Just_Justine -Oh,go on!!! :)
I’m still cracking up about the way you phrased your question.Funny girl,you are :)

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@lucillelucillelucille hahahah, well I think she tried to.

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I think an approach like that is counterproductive. Many people will give up completely if started in such an overwhelming fashion. It is much better to start slowly and work into it. Don’t be discouraged, you are already fitter than you were before and you will continue to improve even at a more temperate pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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@rooeytoo I thought so too, I mean going everyday for me was a big change to start with. I was loving it too. I just think one and a half hours of high impact cardio for a newbie is a bit much. OH I don’t know, now I am losing my new found inspiration.

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No way! That does not sound like the way to go. In fact, it sounds dangerous! I went and worked out after not working out for a while, pushed and pushed myself to the point of exhaustion, running laps and doing strength training and I promptly threw up, passed out and ended up leaving the gym in an ambulance. I learned not to push push push too hard. I have to build up slowly and gradually. When I get back to the gym, that is. I haven’t been there since I had that experience! If you’re pushing yourself so hard you throw up, maybe your body is trying to tell you something?

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I suspect she secretly covets your “upstairs apartment” and has evil plans to excersize you into your grave!

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Good you fired the trainer from Hell. She was about as wrong as she could possibly be. I have a 27 yr old guy, former college football player, in absolutely perfect condition. He does not subscribe to the philosophy “no pain, no gain” unless you are contemplating competitive weightlifting. His philosophy is slow and easy, but he always works me to failure on any exercise, but nothing beyond failure….and thats after a good warmup. He is also all about eating properly and referred me to a nutritionist who was great. She turned slow weight gain into slow weight loss…...very effective. Although I do need more cardio. Just bores me out of my mind. Yeah, the TV is in front of me which I turn off and I hate to wear earplugs for anything. I did just find some new ones that seem more tolerable…maybe an audiobook will do it.

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When I first started working with a personal trainer, I joked that I was going to have her arrested for attempted manslaughter. But she had nothing on your trainer! Holy crap.

My trainer was funny because she’d sometimes bring me recipes for things like cheesecake or brownies. I retaliated by bringing her homemade ice cream. She was effective, but not psychotic. I’d still be working out with her if I could afford it! Now I’m on my own at the gym, and I sure as hell don’t make myself puke.

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Why would you need a personal trainer?

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@Val123 To pry my butt off the couch. I simply don’t do it unless I have an apptmt with the trainer. Further, when I really got into it about 15 years ago, I immediately hurt myself by doing too much the wrong way. Put me out of commission for about 6 weeks. In addition, I see people working out by themselves all the time who I know are doing things the wrong way. Thats why I have one. The benefit over time is great.

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I am wondering about what lucillelucillelucille said, you did say the trainer lives downstairs from you. Is she hoping to debilitate you so she doesn’t have to hear you tromping around upstairs? I too love how you worded this question!

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Any exercise is better than no exercise and a trainer who drves you away and doesn’t guage your workout to your personal fitness and motivation level is a pretty crappy trainer.
She wanted you to do HER workout not YOUR workout.

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Sounds abit harsh…. but all personal trainers are a little nuts. My trainer at the gym actually advised me against having any sessions with him. I did see him conduct a session with this girl once…. she looked basically dead at the end of it.

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@liminal loll, I am not that fat so no!!!! besides she is the one making all the noise renovating. Plus she wakes up at 3am. Sigh..

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