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Can you paint over bathroom tiles successfully?

Asked by Just_Justine (6501points) March 7th, 2010

I am looking for the easy way out. Paint the tiles. I only have one bathroom so if I get a tiler in it could take ages? Does painting tiles really work though? Also what to do with the dark bits in-between (grout?). Can you whiten that somehow? What about floor tiles do they paint well too? Also is the flat white or whatever colour look “cheap”?

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I never heard of painting tiles. Retiling will aways be the better option. I would think that paint will only last so long if you use the right paint.

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Yes, you can. Here is an article on how to do it.

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Yes, but then you will always have to paint. This might not be a problem for you but instead consider swapping out the grout with black grout or going over it with new tile.

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If you do it, make sure you take your time and do it well. I lived in an old apartment that probably had gorgeous tile at one point, but was painted over with matte paint and looked like shit.

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There is a certain type of paint that will successully bond with tile. ask your local Porter Paint Dealer or any other paint dealer. yes, tile can be successfully painted over.

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Many people don’t realize the benefits of tile until it is too late. If your house is tiled the tile can always be cleaned until they look like new (unless they have been damaged). The grout cannot always be cleaned but it can be replaced. If it is black and sealed it will normally not show stains. I have granite tile which is many years old and still looks perfect. Hopefully the original tiler will never know what you have done.

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I have heard of people doing it, but have never done it myself. I don’t believe I would do it either.

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Re-tiling is not a huge undertaking and worth the effort in the long run. Painting tile is a quick fix that will still require a lot of effort I would suggest you invest that effort into the tile job. Or you could get the tile panels and go over your existing tile in just hours.

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You could, but it may not turn out very nice. Re-tiling would be much more worth it in the end product. The paint could scratch off right? That wouldn’t be pretty.

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Sure. You can paint anything. But I don’t think I would. It would just look like you painted tiles.

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We painted shocking pink tiles with white epoxy resin. It looked fine.

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I painted my bathtub with a special paint just for that. This was several years ago, and it still looks fine. My sister had her tub and tiles painted professionally with a process like painting a car. That worked well, too.

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They can be reglazed, but it could cost almost as much as it would to re tile. There is grout paint to re color the grout.

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thanks everyone :)

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@gailcalled Shocking pink tiles?? Yes, I’d paint them too!!

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Yes you can. There is special paint designed for this purpose.

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^^ As I said, it is epoxy resin.

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A special note on epoxy. You want to be certain the epoxy you purchase is a two-part epoxy. It should not be water-based and will probably cost at least $100 US/gallon.

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Cheaper than retiling.

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It is very sad to cover nice tile with a paint job. Do you hate the color? retile.
If you don’t hate the color just clean and regrout. If you want you can use black grout [not great on ordinary white tile]

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You can paint over them but we recommend using Paint & varnish remover, They will probably be the most effective at removing the paint.

Tile Supply

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How did it turn out? I know you can do it but does it look good? Would you do it again?

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