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What would stop you in your tracks?

Asked by ucme (49364points) March 7th, 2010

You’re walking down the street minding your own.Does anything shock you enough to make you stop? Or do you just offer a cursery glance & keep walking on by? As always humour is positively encouraged!!

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A chocolate cake or a rhino would make me stop in my tracks…hmmm a chocolate rhino…I’d run right at it ;)
Actually anyone hitting a child would make me stop.Yep.That’s it.


Discarded used condoms and the occasional tampon. Yeech. I stop immediately and try my best to hop over it if I can’t go around it!

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Of course he may be a horny rhino trying to get in your pants by plying you with chocolate ;¬}

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Hmmm I have seen some women that made me stop and take a second look. : ) I am so glad the public pool is right up the street. I’m from a small town so just about anything different has this effect.

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Black Mamba Snake. no doubt about it.

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Looking into a shop window and seeing my husband hold the purse of an attractive woman while she was trying on a pair of shoes would stop me in my tracks. First, I would be surprised to see him with another woman. Second, I would be shocked to see him within a thousand feet of a women’s shoe store. I think the only way this scenario might not shock me would be if the woman was Penelope Cruz.

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A park, sidewalk or roadway free of litter. It is amazing the amount of crap that people just toss on the ground. :(

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A heavy bassline.. Or the sweet smell of Mary Jane… =D

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I’m taking a jaunt down main, when a two headed cow ambles into my path. Naturally, I halt and stare.

I live in the country of Angus “beefs” and down the drain barbed wire fences. It might happen. ;)

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My man walking up to give me a kiss.
Ben Stiller or Ron Eldard.
Elvis Presley, Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, James Dean, or Marilyn Monroe.
malevolentbutticklish at an Obama rally.

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Seeing my doppleganger would stop and shock me

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A shiny new penny. I will always stop for loose change.

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Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith…
I have often stopped at the sight of an “angry-looking” dog. They scare me

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A wounded animal will always make me stop.

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the headlights of a cop car at 3 AM when you’re 13 years old/ sneaking out to see your boyfriend

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Batman’s corpse.

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A 2 euro coin on the ground. Hell, one euro would stop me in my tracks. And running into my ex boyfriend would stop me too I guess. From the shock bc I never see the man thank god.

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Stopping me in my tracks when I’m walking in the city is a large piece of animal or human excrement on a sidewalk. It fascinates and disgusts me at the same time.

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Another human being that is doing something nice for another. It’s just so uncommon now.

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A wardrobe malfunction.

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A person that I thought had died. It happened once and I was frozen.

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JLH nude, definitly!

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It happens to me all the time. My dog stops at every bush and rock. What am I supposed to do, drag him along?

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An attractive woman in a state of undress would never fail to get my attention.
I would of course act gallantly and help her to get safely to where she wanted to go, so that she would not be molested by creeps or perverts who might otherwise threaten her safety.

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A Rhino mounting a Chihuahua would give me pause for thought!

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