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Do you want to change your mind about anything?

Asked by jealoustome (1514points) March 7th, 2010

I love having in depth discussions with folks about political, philosophical, ethical, and religious issues, among other things, but I sometimes wonder if I want to hear something that will completely change my mind. I used to. I grew up ultra-right-wing-religious and now am the complete opposite. But, would I want someone to say something so compelling and logically sound that I would have no choice but to swing towards the right and religion again? I don’t know. What about you? Do you want anyone to change your mind with sound, logical, persuasive evidence?

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If you can change my mind, concerning the way i feel about illegal immigrants, i am willing to listen.

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If you change your mind i’m the first in line. Honey i’m still free take a chance on me…ahem, oh dear you’ll have to excuse me ,I appear to have had a moment.Do carry on.

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Sure. But it’s usually too late. Like, I seriously wanted to change my mind about being pregnant when those horrible transition contractions hit!

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@john65pennington I’d love to! Actually, I agree with half of your position on the immigration question. So, I’d only want to half change your mind. :)

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No.I like the way think :)

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i wish i wasn’t so self centered.

if i didn’t always think about myself, my life would be way better.
i hope people see the irony/humour in this statement

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Just curious OP, why do you have to be so polarized in your way of thinking? you say . “I grew up ultra-right-wing-religious and now am the complete opposite” Why can’t you approach each issue separately and decide what you personally believe is right, instead of labeling yourself ‘right wing’ or ‘left wing’?

To actually answer the question, no. I think whatever I feel like on a subject and I don’t care what anyone else or their ideology thinks. If I disagree with something I’m willing to listen to facts, but many times “facts” presented in arguments aren’t facts so much as “I read this on a blog and it validates my beliefs.”

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@syzygy2600 I guess “complete opposite” was a polarizing exaggeration for effect. I do not identify with any particular political ideology. I agree: labels are lame. I am chastised. :)

I guess what I think of as opposed to the way I grew up is thinking for myself, instead of allowing a religious leader to think for me. So, that was really the opposite I was talking about.

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I would like to change my mind about humans being short sighted, self involved, overproducing idiots, but I don’t think it’s possible.

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Jealoustome, i am sorry because i feel this way. as a police officer, i have first hand knowledge of the illegal immigration situation. i see what other people do not see. i see illegals throw their empty been can and bottles on the street, just like in Mexico. i see them having children as fast as they can, so their child will be Americans and then they will qualify, also. i see the illegals commiting crimes and adding to our crime rate. i know they are here illegally, but the law will not allow me to ask for their green card, unless they are under arrest. i see them use someone else’s identification to obtain a fraud drivers license. this is out of control in my state. they will issue a drivers license to anyone. i see them sending money illegally across the border and the feds are not enforcing that law, either. i see thirteen illegals living in a duplex thats filthy with human feces and beer cans and their babies crawling on the floor and feces on their legs. i see the bad side of the illegals, something that most Americans do not see.

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@john65pennington I understand. I’m sorry that you have to encounter so much negative reinforcement of stereotypes in your day to day life. I would have a hard time seeing another side of the issue if I was faced with that, too. I’ve seen some of that in my life, but definitely nothing that matches your experience. I would only say that “some” people is not the same as “all” people. The actual numbers do not agree with the widely held belief that all unauthorized migrants are criminal leeches on the back of the U.S. economy.

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I’d love to change my mind about many things, but therein lies the problem. Is the issue which would change my mind the eye opener, or is one’s mentality and approach to things dependent on some innate disposition, rather than seeing pages turn so to speak?

I mean am I too much of a pessimist or a nihilist to have my mind changed by logic, or, God forbid, some truth, or at least, a certainty? When my mind IS changed, is that due to adopting a view or whatever which adheres to my own mental state?
Do I only find truth and logic where I wish to see it?

I’d like to think not, because many of my views and beliefs aren’t something I chose out of desire; it’s just what makes sense to me even if it’s bad. It’s sometimes hard talking about though because if I suggest that violence and strife are what defines mankind, you can imagine how people don’t like hearing this.

Either way, changing one’s mind can be complicated I think, and I highly doubt that my mind would be changed by a person, unless that person is part of a grander experience which I perceive to be a lot more liable to change my mind than someone’s opinion.

I like debating to learn, but that still doesn’t really change my mind.

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Reading Symbeline’s answers I thought: “Sometimes I wish I could change desire.”

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If someone can offer sound reasoning supported by empirically verifiable observations, I would be willing to drastically change my mind.

That is a high threshold I admit!

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Of course I do; I’m a Gemini.

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absolutely! i’d be honored.

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No, I do not want to change my mind about anything. None of my positions on subjects and none of my outlooks are causing me any distress, so there is no incentive for me to change. At least, not right now. I am perfectly open to change if new information or evidence comes along that would promote such a change, but I do not wish for anything to change.

Now, I wish I could change other people’s minds about a few things…

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Yes. I try to challenge my assumptions all the time. But I’ve got no tolerance for intolerance. I won’t change my mind about intolerant religious zealots or neo-Nazis for example.

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