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What is the best online course for learning modern Greek?

Asked by Hershey (8points) March 7th, 2010

I am looking for an online course in Modern Greek. I would prefer that the course has audios I could place on my iPod and no requirement to submit voice recordings as I have no microphone/webcam with which to do that. I want more that just tourist phrases, an actual course that would help me learn the Greek language: the vocabulary, syntax etc.

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search for Pimsleur Greek

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I have looked at that, but like I said, an online course is what I am looking for. Not something I have to download/install on my computer.

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Well if you are going to pay money for a course anyway, have you looked into Rosetta Stone? I’ve heard good things.

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I have, and I have heard mostly negative things about how well users learn. A lot of people said it is mostly hype. Many learned next to nothing using the program’s “nonsense phrases” such as “The camel is standing on three legs.”

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I used teach yourself greek from the 1940’s it was really good, and I work at a greek restaurant so that was kind of helpful for making sure I was learning it right. they update the course every so often, it now comes with 2 CD’s, teaches modern greek and is about $30. i picked it up in about a week of steady studying over Christmas break. really easy, really understandable. but it’s not online.
Rosetta Stone wasn’t really helpful. i used it to start learning hebrew. I know numbers and a few colors, but they don’t give you enough information and just expect you to pick it up. i like being able to sound out words and know what they mean reather than hearing and just trying to guess what it means.

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Thanks! I’ll look into that program and compare with any other suggestions!

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If it is the installing you are opposed to you. You don’t really have to “install” mp3’s on your computer.

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Yes, I know. I’m asking what the best place to get them are, or the best place for an online course.

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@Hershey: “I’m asking what the best place to get them are” The best place to get .mp3 files for a foreign language is or This is not an “online course” but there is no installation necessary.

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