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Why does my skin smell weird underneath of my class ring?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 7th, 2010

It’s 10k white gold, if it helps. xD

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Sweat and germs?

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where’s your finger been?

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Your ring, unlike your clothing, is not breathable. No air circulation leads to the growth of germs and bacteria. Bacteria is stinky. I would say to take your ring off once a day and wash your hands and dry them well before putting it back on.

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Sweat, dirt, oxidation of non-gold metals in the ring

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You should take a look at a small piece of “under-ring” under-microscope. ewwwww

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@dpworkin ; uhm. nowhere interesting, I assure you.

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You’re getting all of the above in there plus soap & God knows what else. (good one DP) LOLLLL

This reminds me of a story that was in the paper years & years ago. This man was diligent in taking showers & keeping clean. But he still had an odor to him that he couldn’t get rid of. He went to his doctor & he had him lay down on the table naked. The doctor started on a sniffing expedition. By the time he got to his hands, he’d found it. The man wore a ring with a lot of filigree ornamentation to it. The ring was full of crusted gunk & it stunk.

Take an old toothbrush & scrub it out every now & then with toothpaste. It’s a mild abrasive & will clean it shiny clean.

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Lack of a deodorant.

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You may have a reaction to the gold. My mother’s skin turn black when it’s exposed to gold for a length of time. I don’t know if this would cause a smell but if it can change your skin color it’s a possibility.

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I get the same thing under my wedding band (14K gold) and my watch (stainless steel back and band). It also happens to my entire hand whenever I wear rubber gloves, which is pretty much every day I work.

It’s sweat. More accurately, it’s sweat that gets held against your skin for a long time with no air circulation to evaporate it away. Like a stagnant swamp, all sorts of funky, smelly stuff grows in that stuff.

Why do you think I wash my hand regularly? I also move my wedding band around a little so that it isn’t in exactly the same place all the time and take off my watch sometimes. That allows a little drying, a litle airing, and makes it easier to rinse the funk off in a sink.

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Soap scum and dead skin. Clean your hand and the ring.

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