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Is having a TV in the bedroom where a couple sleeps together good for the relationship?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19718points) March 7th, 2010

Does watching television at bedtime reduce the likelihood that you will pay attention to your SO and does it decrease the frequency of making love?

Many families have TV’s in the living room and/or Family room, and sometimes in the kitchen as well.

There are so many things that interfere with closeness and intimacy already. Do we need a TV in the bedroom too?

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In my experience, no. I think bedrooms are for intimacy, not TV watching. In the relationships I’ve had that included a TV in the bedroom, there was less pillow talk, sex, and non-sexual closeness in bed. We were too busy watching Family Guy.

When the boy and I moved in together, we had a strict no-TV in the bedroom policy, and I’m so glad. The only time I miss it is when I’m sick.

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Why can’t a TV be involved in intimacy? I have lots of good memories of lying in bed with boyfriends and cuddling and watching shows we both follow or movies.

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@nikipedia We have lots of snuggling on the couch watching TV time, but we both think it would be too easy to neglect the qt we have in bed if there was a TV. It would change from “I’m getting tired, let’s go cuddle in bed” to “I’m getting tired, let’s finish watching this in bed.” That’s just me though.

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For my partner and me, it really depends on what we are watching and if we are enjoying tv together (or needing the sound in order to relax to fall asleep).

At our old apartment, we had a tv in the bedroom when we first lived together. It was a big distraction and a tool used to avoid intimacy (not just physical).

When we moved last year, I resquested that we didn’t have a tv in the bedroom. It helped a lot with communication. However, several months ago, my partner’s mom gave us a small tv and it’s been in our room. The good thing is that we don’t watch tv in the bedroom regularly. The time off from having a tv got us in the habit of a bedtime routine, which includes communication.

Tv, no matter in which room it’s located, has negatively affected our level of intimacy. It’s very easy to watch tv for hours and have minimal conversation. We have to purposefully turn off the tube or watch shows that encourage discussion.

If I felt less apathetic, I’d suggest we remove the tv from the bedroom.

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Other than a few weeks when I was recuperating from surgery, there’s never been a TV in our bedroom. I’ve often wondered why anyone would want one.

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I don’t have one in my bedroom and never will ;)

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This is one of those many things that can be good or bad depending on the couple – if a tv can split you up, you weren’t good to begin with but if you love each other, it can be great to watch it together in the bedroom. We no longer have a tv in the bedroom because now both our kids go to sleep at 9 am and one of them sleeps in the bedroom and we stay up later – so we watch tv in the living room.

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I personally love watching tv. I [used to] watch it ALL day [when I had one]. My boyfriend doesn’t watch television at all. So when we get one, he doesn’t want it in the bedroom. I disagree, but it’s fine.

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I usually go to sleep fairly early. My last GF was pretty serious till things happened we couldn’t control and we split. She didn’t like to go to bed early. I would have to be up for work. The TV in the bedroom helped fix that a bit since she would just watch TV when I slept. So rather then her sitting in the living room she came to bed with me. I like to sleep holding someone and she liked the chance to be close, and not just lay there restless. I think it just matters the couple.

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No. It is too easy to turn it on and waste your time. Better to be sleeping or reading and holding your honey. .

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Five televisions in my home and that includes all the bedrooms. they have been there a long time and has never interferred with anything. we use the OFF button on the channel selector. ever heard of it?

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Even if you’re not with a partner, having a tv in the bedroom changes the function of the room. I don’t have a tv in my bedroom, so I use it only to rest and relax. It makes the space a lot calmer because it’s just a bedroom.

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I think it’s always nice to snuggle in bed and watch a flick or show with your honey. My mother who was a real TV phobe growing up insisted no one have a TV in the bedroom saying it would encourage each of us squirreling away. Of course that was the least problem in our dysfunctional family picnic. Today my siblings barely talk and my mother has a TV in every room of her house including her bedroom.

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My parents certainly have a TV in their master bedroom. Considering they’ve been together for 24 years, I don’t think it’s had that much of a negative effect…

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How else will you preview the porn you just made?

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I gave the TV in my bedroom to the kids and wish I had done it sooner.

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I’m glad I don’t have one in my room. @Likeradar I know my boyfriend would spend the whole time watching Family Guy if he could so at least I know that if we are in the bedroom we are either sleeping or being intimate.

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We have a TV in our bedroom, but we hardly ever watch it. The kids use it a lot, when one of them is watching something in the living room that the others don’t like.

It probably depends on the couple. My husband and I aren’t big TV watchers, and the TV in the bedroom is a pain to use because we lost the remote years ago. God forbid you have to actually get up to change the channel or adjust the volume!

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There’s really only one thing to decrease the frequency of sex. That of course is marriage.

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I’ve had a TV in my room for years and it has always been something that’s only occasionally used and hasn’t affected any relationships. It’s nice to have for the occasional movie watching, or for entertainment when sick in bed.

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