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Where do you find the answer if your question becomes an orphan?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) March 7th, 2010

Every now and then I browse through the orphan section hoping that I will hold the key to someone else’s burning question, but I never know what they’re asking. Seems like orphans are very specific technical questions that only specific people would know the answer to. So what do you do when no one answers your question? Do you google it? Or ask it a different way? Or give up perhaps?..

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Asking generic people online is always a crap-shoot. I think it safe to say that while we Flutherites are a diverse crowd, it’s not like there is at least one expert on everything. I know a bit about computers but that doesn’t mean that I am familiar with every piece of software in existence.

Some of the questions I have are esoteric enough that I wouldn’t even bother posting them online, like “What is the camshaft lift and duration on a Toyota Corolla 4A-C engine?”. I generally wind up asking specialists. In fact, many of my questions are asked at sites devoted to nothing but the particular topic.

How many of you here can tell me how Shadowrun 4E handles vehicle combat? I’d wager that that is the sort of thing better asked at, say, Dumpshock (an SR4 site) than here.

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@sevenfourteen Good gqustion. Where do you find the Orphanage?

Often a Google search will find info. There are boolean operators that can greatly enhance the specificity of a search. If you are looking for obscure information, it is good to learn what they do.

If you have a particular question or questions you asked and didn’t get answers for, feel free to post links to them here. I will have a go at searching for answers if I don’t know the answer offf the top.

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I think users should Google every question first anyway, and if you don’t find the answer, or want more input, then bring it here.

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@ETpro Right under the teal “Browse / All / Your Fluther / Just for you” line, there are links to all the different types of questions, including ‘Orphans’.

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@augustlan Excellent. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick.

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@jerv I suppose, but why not give it a shot anyways? I mean it can’t hurt to ask, maybe there is someone who knows EXACTLY what you’re asking?
@ETpro thanks for the offer. I haven’t actually had any orphan questions but it might be kinda frustrating for no one to have the answer

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@sevenfourteen I never said it was pointless, merely that it was a crapshoot. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. So you are correct; it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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