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What do I need to know before painting a small room?

Asked by Haleth (19518points) March 7th, 2010

I want to tackle my first painting project this weekend. My bathroom has gone through three or four aborted paint jobs before I lived here, so the walls and the trim are a mishmash of colors like off-white, pink, and burgundy. The cabinet under the sink is made of fake wood laminate and was badly painted over with white. I’m thinking of painting the walls a deep shade of turquoise with white or off-white trim. What should I do before I begin?

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It’s an easy job, and it really doesn’t take much effort.

1. Remove everything from the bathroom (toiletries, tp, towels, etc)

2. Unscrew everything that can be taken off (shower curtain rod, light switch plates, towel rods)

3. Tape off or cover all edges you don’t want to be painted (may be the cabinet/tub lining/ THE CEILING/ etc)

4. Choose a paint that is good with moisture. The guys at Home Depot, or wherever you are buying your paint should recommend something.

5. Paint!!!

It’s not hard at all, so have fun doing it!

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Do some research and determine what type of primer you would need, and choose what kind of finish you want. I had my handyman painter go over all the walls with sandpaper before painting, and I chose Enamel. The newer Hy-Tech ceramics are also very good.

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As usual, YARNLADY gives good advice. With all those other colors sitting there with various finishes and degrees of strange bathroom-generated toxics stuck to them (not from you, I know that), you will need to prime with white primer before you paint, and before that you’ll need to go over the surfaces with a detergent and then rinse. Then dry, then tape, then prime. Leave the tape on after you prime, and then paint with a semi-gloss or gloss latex – anything flatter will fail to repel moisture. Then enjoy pulling off the tape. Tape comes in various versions – two-day, two-week, etc. If you leave your tape on too long it won’t want to come off.
Salud! Oh, and don’t forget to dropcloth the floor. Three thicknesses of newspaper work fine.

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@susanc – said the most important aspect, PRIMER first. Otherwise you will need 2 or more coats of the actual paint, especially if you are covering vibrant colors such as you describe.

I love to paint, it is fun and so nice to see what you have accomplished when the job is done. Good luck.

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Make sure the surfaces are completely clean before even priming. Any gloss paint should be lightly sanded before priming. @mrrich724 @YARNLADY and @susanc have got all the details right. Remember that darker colors will make a small room seem even smaller. Water-resistant high gloss paints are really good for bathrooms.

Our bathrooms are entirely tiled floor to ceiling with only ceilings and cabinets painted.

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The same thing you would do with any room. Make sure walls are clean of oily residue (gas space heater) and wax (excessive candle burning). Repair any damage and fill and sand nail holes. If you need to use a primer, do it now. Then start with the ceiling. Next paint the trim. Then cut in the edges and corners of your walls. Then the fun and easy part—roll the walls. Piece of cake.

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