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How do I decipher garbled voicemail?

Asked by Jesska85 (12points) March 7th, 2010 from iPhone

Last night I got an accidental pocket dial from someone. I can make out parts of the conversation but parts of it are garbled by the loud noise ( it was at a bar.) does anyone know if it’s possible to seperate the voices to understand it??

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I usually just play it over and over until I ‘get’ it.

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It wasn’t for you; erase and forget.

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Get a private eye.

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Play it backwards!?!?!?!?!

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You would need some expensive sound processing software and some advance expertise to do this!

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I thought I already answered this, but apparently I didn’t. I think your best bet is to become a character on one of the Law and Order, or CSi franchises and get yourself hooked up with one of their forensic audio guys and have him or her run it through the magic machine and it should be clear as day.

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Consult your inner animal spirit guide. Have them translate it into Guarani and infuse the message into a Brazillian Coffee Bean farmer who breathes the essence of meaning into his spring crop. Then go to Wallmart and buy some coffee and put your ear against the vibrating bean grinder. Morse code will be dictated to you from the grinder. Take that code and call 411 for information on your telephone. The operator is a Manchurian Candidate who will recognize the transmission, thereby sending it to Bell Telephone top floor, who obviously is owned by Lucent Technologies. Lucent means Lucifer, and you’ll definitely need Satan involved with this next step. Every Lucent van in the world will converge on the equator at 12 noon under perfect 5000 degree kelvin lighting conditions, where you will be waiting in the skies above in your government escorted B52 bomber ready to read the message. Make sure to drop the bombs after reading because we certainly want to protect your privacy.

Good Luck!

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I hate those. I always wonder if it’s one of my kids and they’re in trouble and trying to get a secret message to me….. :(

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The reason I wanted to figure it out was because the parts that I think I heard were things I wanted to know in entirety

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@Jesska85 that’s what we all want to do when we eavesdrop.

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@Everest do you mean Private I ? The I stands for investigator. It’s not ‘eye’

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