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What was the first Act of Congress?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 8th, 2010

Is it true that the first Act of Congress was ordering 10,000 copies of The Bible printed to be given to the Indians?

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“The Congress proposed and debated numerous bills, and ultimately passed twenty-six acts. The very first act, signed into law by President George Washington on June 1, 1789, was An Act to regulate the Time and Manner of administering certain Oaths.

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@davidbetterman The answer you gave was my answer to the question asked on FB. The person asking, responded with ‘Congress ordered 10,000 copies of The Bible printed to be given to the Indians’. I’m trying to see if anyone has facts to support the statement.

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@YoH – According to this link:

The 1782 Aitken Bible

The only Bible printing ever called for by an act of the United States Congress; this King James Version Bible helped meet the need for scriptures while England refused to allow their Bibles to be imported by the rebellious colonists, during the embargo of the Revolutionary War.

More info here

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The First American Bible

This action took place prior to the 1st Amendment being ratified, Proposed 9/25/1789. Ratified 12/15/1791

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@davidbetterman Thanks for the link. ‘The printing of Bible translations, a complete translation by John Eliot, printed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1663 for the Indians of that area, were the only known publications of the Holy Bible in colonial America until the closing years of the War of the Revolution’. If I keep up this research, I will have answered my own question thanks to the wonderful input from everyone here.

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