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Is there a time when you had to sacrifice something physically, emotionally, or materialistically to teach someone a lesson?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 8th, 2010

I don’t know WHY I just thought of this but: I used to play volleyball three times a week. One of the leagues was a competitive co-ed league. Some of the men were just monsters! I’d have to psych myself up just to step on the court. Well, I had a friend once, who was on her church league (which….generally speaking, church leagues aren’t the highest quality of play) and she was really mad at this one guy because he was a ball hog when it came to the women. You know the type….charging up into the female’s space, taking balls that rightfully belong to her, on what assumption I don’t know. Maybe just that men are better than women at everything. Well, my friend asked me to join her league to make a point to this guy, to show him that women do play, and play well. So I did. The teams changed players every week, and after a couple of weeks this guy and I were assigned to the same team, and he was directly to my left. Sure as hell, ball was coming, I yelled, “Mine!”….and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him coming at me like a freight train. I said, “Shit!” under my breath….I turned my body slightly so I’d take the blow with my left shoulder, planted my feet and held my ground, knowing what was coming. He slammed into me and sent me flying across the court! Of course, before, the women always moved out of the way, so it took him by surprise that I didn’t. And, of course, he felt so bad. LOL! And he never tried to take one of my balls again, and he even backed off the other women when he was assigned to their team.
Mission accomplished, at some physical risk to me.

And now, I gotta get ready to go to WORK!!!!

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“To teach someone a lesson” sounded kind of mean when I first read it, but your story made me see it as something more like a civil rights action. Sometimes they turn the hoses on you; you take the blow and keep marching.

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A silent ass-kicking on the golf course has taught my guy friends to take me seriously.
One actually learned good-sportsmanship :)
...and that it looks funny to cry in!

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@susanc I have to agree…it did sound harsh! It would have been better if I’d said, “To make a point….” and more appropriate to boot.

You go @lucillelucillelucille!!! I’ve done that on the pool table and on the foosball table. I play the “you’re only a girl” assumption it for all it’s worth and…..take their money in the end.. Ain’t it grand?:)

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@Val123 A woman who has balls I like it ;)

wait a second that did’nt come out right….

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@Val123 -You know exactly what I am talking about ;) you can find out alot about a man who loses to a woman in a skirt

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I imagine every parent has had the experience.

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@lucillelucillelucille I only dated men who could handle the “losing” (at bowling, pool, foosball, golf, whatever) with good grace….each of us knowing, in the end, he was always physically stronger than me! NO I DON’T WANT TO PLAY TACKLE FOOTBALL!! YES, I WILL LOSE AT WRESTLING!!

@thriftymaid Yeah, the “To teach a lesson” came out because I was thinking of parenting at the same time….

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