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Does a persons IQ play a big part in their ability to talk on a cellphone, while driving?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 8th, 2010

First, i am not a big advocate of people driving and talking on a cellphone, at the same time. i pull off to the side of the road, when i receive a call that needs to be answered. many people have a difficult time just to keep their vehicle on the road and a cellphone just complicates the safety situation. Question: do you believe a persons IQ plays a big part in their ability to drive a vehicle and talk on a cellphone, at the same time?

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Probably so John as people with high IQ’s would be smart enough to know better than to drive and yap on a cell phone at the same time.

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I believe there is an inverse relationship between IQ and ability to talk on the cellphone while driving. ;-)

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@Cruiser Amen to that. That’s why I use a Bluetooth.

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I don’t believe IQ has anything to do with it. I know smart people who are such cluts that their hand-eye coordination would make you wonder how can they be so smart yet so dumb in doing manual things.

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Yeah it definately shows their Idiotic Qualities.That’s the only IQ that would be evident.

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I don’t think so. The act of talking and driving has nothing to do with how smart you are- but rather how much information your brain can process accurately. Driving is something your brain eventually programs so that it happens automatically ex- do you remember to step on the break everytime you pull out of park? After a while it becomes like walking and you don’t have to think about it – but while talking on the phone you can become distracted and interfear with the natural flow. Too much information going trying to be processed slows down your reaction time and your ability to carry out all the current activities.

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I have a pretty high IQ (klutz , klutzes, and definitely) but I cannot multitask even without moving at 60 mph.

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In the sense that people with larger IQs know better than to drive and talk on their cellphones.

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No.A person with a high IQ wouldn’t want to be at anyone’s beck and call ;)

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There is no correlation between IQ (even assuming such assessment is an accurate measurement of intelligence) and one’s ability to divide attention among separate tasks. More and more research is showing that humans are not able to multitask, though many believe they can. Our brains are not wired to process simultaneous streams. We can switch between one task and another quickly, but at a superficial level. When a high cognitive load task, like conversation, demands our attention, we have less attention to devote to other tasks.

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@lucillelucillelucille Especially one’s spouse’s beck and call. :-)

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Here it is outright illegal. People know how dangerous it is but that doesn’t stop anyone. That suggests a low IQ.

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The Hands-Free concept is inadequate, to me. The reason people experience negative events while talking on the phone and driving is because they are not focusing on the road, not because they are using one hand to hold the phone.

That being said, I think IQ and multi-tasking are separate brain functions that are not necessarily correlated. I have experienced very intelligent people that cannot multi-task.

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@jbfletcherfan I would get one myself but my kids only text me now so not much help there. lol!

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Some people just like taking risks.

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I think that’s an issue of coordination and not intelligence.

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A person’s IQ plays a part in how they do most everything.

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@ChazMaz That is why I sip really hot coffee while texting my kids as I drive.

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@Cruiser Do you shave at the same time, too? :-)

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@Dr_Dredd No of course not! That would be so unsafe plus I use a regular razor!

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Hard to say since otherwise intelligent people can do some stupid things. Personally, I use Bluetooth and don’t actually pay much attention to the person talking to me (not that I pay much attention to most people I talk to even when I’m not driving) but I am surprised by how many people don’t and are sitting there with their phone in their hand despite state law. I can’t wait until it becomes a primary offense!

However, I have noticed a different correlation regarding cars, specifically compact cars. There seems to be an inverse relationship between the size of the muffler and the penis length of the driver. More accurately, adding the two together always results in the same number (~8”) which means that many of the posers you see in their dropped Civics are only swinging 2½-inchers. They need the impressive exhaust noise since they can’t impress any females :D

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