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Has tactical gameplay in the western world advanced our combat abilities compared to others countries whose wealth does not produce this opportunity on this scale?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) March 8th, 2010

Xbox 360 can be played all around the world, but in reality the west is playing all these shoot’em up games. There used to be outcry that these video games were making people violent. Is it possible that these video games have actually created a generation of passive close quarters combat savants?

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Today’s 13 year old joystick warrior is tomorrow’s heartless combat robot operator.

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The Army uses video game simulations to train hand-eye coordination so there may well be some value.

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The military uses video game-style controllers and view screens to actually manipulate unmanned war machines. Much of our killing is done by geeks and nerds sitting at game-like computers controlling drones and robots and killing real human beings from the comfort of their play station.

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Comparing Modern Warfare 2 to actual combat is like comparing mainstream porn to real sex. It just doesn’t work that way. The military does use video game-like simulations as a part of training, but that is only a part of the picture. Playing video games does not a killer make.

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The fact that the type of video games really has little to do with them becoming an expert marksman. It’s true that the military, race car drivers, pilots and ect… Play video games to help their skills, but it’s more along the lines of reaction speed & making good decisions with little to very little time available. Hand eye coordination is a key factor too. I mean yea a 14yr old kid that has played these games will probably be a better shot than one that hasn’t, but I doubt he’ll be able to hit the bullseye at 50yards.

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I think that it definitely helps when it comes to tactics. Kids figuring out the puzzle of combat situations on the Xbox, will some day see combat situations that closely resemble those video games.

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I think so, we are subconsiously equipping out children to deal with teamwork and combat situations later in the near future.

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I would just like to add a caveat to this. A child born into a village in Iraq is probably no stranger to an AK. Using them is simple for relative newcomers, and especially so for those who have been facing a life in that struggle. Like @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard said combat is not a video game. If you’ve been around the actual loud noises of combat one would know they take getting used to. TV sound systems just ain’t the same.

Those Iraqi kids are surely much more street wise, and savvy to their surroundings. If we are ever to fight anyone it is unlikely that the style of combat that is portrayed in video games will ever be fought on our home turf, so those kids will have home field advantage.

But these games, with the addition of the endurance of widespread athleticism, and hunting in the States makes us more formidable in my opinion. That’s just mono a mono I’m talking, because there is no comparison technologically.

Ahem, Wolverines!!!!!

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Games are good for learning how to deal with situations.
The idea that wealth is a cause is off. Slightly older and pirated western games are available everywhere.

The idea that many computer games are accurate is also way off. Shooter games and “RTS” games aren’t much like real tactical situations. Close-quarters combat in these games tends to have everyone able to shrug off bullet hits, be able to jump 5 feet in the air, and have that be a useful way to make it harder to get hit, carry several different full-sized weapons and heaps of ammo, never get tired, only be able to see a 40 degree angle forward, etc…

Nonetheless, many games are good for learning how to think about situations in ways that could be helpful for real tactical problem-solvers.

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Absolutely right, @Zaku.

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Imagine a tactical game where the objective was to give your opponent life. The healthier they become, the more points you are rewarded. Exchange bullets of death for lasers of life.

Would this have an effect on our society?

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So… something kindof like this, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies?

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That sounds interesting. Maybe when my son and I run out of stray neighborhood cats to operate (experiment) on, then we’ll order that game to improve our scalpel skills.

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@zaku, you think computer game usage is as prevalent elsewhere in the world as it is in western countries? Not even close.

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I have heard that Muslim youth are the benefactors of reprogrammed American war games that make US Soldiers the bad guys and them the good guys. I cannot site a source, but I did see a television newscast on this very subject a few years ago. They showed live game play where all the roles were reversed through pirate reprogramming. They claimed the platform was being used to recruit young Taliban.

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yeah all the kids in a whole slum standing around one recruiting computer, with some misfit hackers attempt at reprogramming. Kids that have likely never touched a computer or video game slapping at a keyboard all at once for a chance to play. Apples and apples I’d say.

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Not saying it’s on the same level. Just sharing some knowledge with you. I didn’t make this up, and there’s a lot more of it going on than you may give credit to.

But imagine a kid who is introduced to it for the first time. What a powerful tool for recruiting, and training.

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Think about Tiger Woods and his well known golfing and relationship skills. Which one did he develop through gaming and which through real life? Which was he good at and which not?

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@galileogirl whooah? Does Tiger even play video games? I’m sorry, but what is your point? You know, since he did do those things in real life & not a video game.

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I said he was a gamer and we know he uses electronics. Although he played a lot his tactical skills were crap. (Trying to run gf’s online w/o cover!)

Meanwhile his real world gameplaying was superb.

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@Ltryptophan No, I was just saying it’s not because their “wealth does not produce this opportunity”.

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Yes. Without a doubt. I have seen it in action.

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