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What is the best way for me to lose body fat? Just excercise? Just diet? Both? Which exercises? What has worked for you?

Asked by stevenb (3805points) March 8th, 2010 from iPhone

I am in construction, 40, have a 29–30 inch waist, and am in pretty decent shape. I do have some body fat, which I am sure is mostly due to diet, and, or age. I walk an average of 15,000 steps a day at work (pedometer), and am fairly active even after work. I eat a fairly healthy breakfast and dinner, but lunch is usually fast food, mostly because everyone I work with goes out every work day for a fast lunch. I can’t really run because of past broken ankles, but I can do other activities just fine. I am not “fat”, but I miss the days when I was 7% body fat. What have any of you tried tht worked well? Thanks!

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Both diet and exercise combined work the best.

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You are an old man and will never see the days of 7% body fat again.

Your waist is 29–30 inches. I would suggest a steady diet of Cheeseburgers, Fries, and Chocolate Milkshakes…

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Something that worked well for me before I became disabled, was to concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass instead of losing fat.

It will change how you exercise, eat and think. Instead of thinking ‘I’m not eating that delicious hamburger so I can lose fat’ think ‘I’m eating this chicken breast sandwich because I want to gain muscle mass’. It can make quite a difference in your results, and your enjoyment of the transformation.

That said- exercise and diet work together. Just one won’t give you as good of a result.

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@gemiwing If I give you a Great Answer you’ll reach 10k!! Hmm…shall I? :P

Well done!

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I gave a GA too. Congrats on reaching 10,000!

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@davidbetterman, 40 is the new 18! I’m not old! Don’t make me beat you with my cane!

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There is really never any variation on the classic formula of diet and exercise.

Looks like that fast-food lunch is your weak spot, though. Can you bring your lunch? If not, how about a nice, healthy snack such as a bunch of baby carrots or some sugar snap peas right before going out? or get a salad and a small burger, and skip the fries? If you can lower your fat intake at lunch, that ought to make a difference.

You could also increase your water consumption so you don’t load up on calories and so you don’t eat when you’re really just thirsty.

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@stevenb Okay youngster…I give!

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Become a vegetarian. And try professionally certified slimming product(if possible).

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@doctor, like what? I’m not really familiar with any. Thanks!

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Also, I like meat! I honestly only eat beef maybe twice a week. I have tried tofu, but would rather lick dirt. Maybe it would grow on me?

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@stevenb I would not suggest a product since there is more than one product from each manufacturer with pretty much same effectiveness(google it up. Choose the one available in your country).

It doesn’t matter if you eat meat twice a week if you could balance that with proper exercise. Tofu won’t satisfy your hunger(85%of it is water) and you don’t have to eat it to enhance your diet. But you really need to stop eating fast food(or someday you’ll really ended up in obesity lifestyle). Try organic vegetable based dish,don’t worry you’ll be able to get used to it. You can also change beef with ‘white-meat fish’(fresh water fish) to full fill your desire to eat meat but you must avoid salt water fish.

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