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If you witnessed an accident, would you stop and assist however possible or would you pass by and ignore it?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) March 8th, 2010

Today I witnessed a car accident during lunchtime. There were at least 5 other drivers who could have stopped to assist, or at the very least served as a witness. I was the only one who stopped.

Imagine it’s lunchtime during a work day…

If you would stop, what actions would you take (hypothetically speaking)?

If you would not stop, then why?

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If I saw that happen I would pull over, call the police, go check to see if people were alright, then if everything was ok, I would leave. Calling the police is really the only thing you can do.

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If it were a minor fender bender, I wouldn’t think twice about continuing along my merry way.
For a bigger accident that looked like there could be some injuries, I would call 911 no matter what. If I could stop safely, I probably would.

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Assist. I’ve done it before, I’d do it again.

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I’m with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard… and @Likeradar. It depends on what I see, when I see it, and what the overall situation is. If I were driving my pregnant wife to the hospital, then that’s going to take precedence even over someone else’s potential life-and-death issue. If it was just going to make me late to work, then I’d stop without a second thought; I’ve done that even for “just disabled” drivers, without an accident being involved.

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I always stop at accidents that just happened. First I see if anyone is hurt. If not then take whatever steps are necessary to keep the situation from getting worse. Just last week I directed traffic at the intersection just before my office building until the cops got there. Assess the situation and try not to make things worse then they already are.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s just so you can procrastinate some more.

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If it looked like more than a fender bender, I would stop if it were safe to do so. Maybe not if I were driving alone in the middle of the night and no one else was around, but I’d at least call the police. If it happened during the day, I’d probably have at least one child in the car with me. What I would do would depend on how safe I could keep my kid. I wouldn’t get out of the car and run to the scene of the accident to help a stranger if it meant leaving a small child alone in the car. Again, I would just pull over and call the police. If by some strange chance I was alone in the car and thought I could be of help with the accident, I would stop.

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@MissAusten Good point. I’m male, no kids, so it makes a difference. I’ve dropped my g/f at home and gone back to assist if I don’t feel completely comfortable with the situation.

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I have stopped to help, and I have stopped to offer witness to reckless driving to the cops. I have stopped to provide my contact number to the driver who was not at fault if I witnessed the actual event.

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I always would, but it can traumatic.
I stopped last year for a guy lying on a side street and it turns out someone stabbed him in the head with a screw driver. Horrible ordeal for him. The police told me a lot of people don’t stop because they don’t want to get involved.
It just made me think what a sad world we live in.

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While I’d want to stop, it isn’t always safe to stop. If there’s a pile up on the 405, it’s more dangerous to stop and help than it would be to keep going and call for help.

My first impulse and I suspect the first impulse of a lot of people would be to stop and help. Then again some people don’t care about people they don’t know. The fact that some people suck really shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

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I’ve always stopped. You never know, so I just like to be sure.

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I have always stopped. Like some of you , if I leave my car depends on if there are little children in it. I at least call 911

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The last time I saw a big accident, I kept driving. It was during a bad snowstorm and I was having trouble controlling my own car and didn’t want to crash into the accident or the other people who stopped to check on it. I was also afraid that if I stopped, I might not be able to get home, as the snow was getting worse and the roads were more slippery.

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I would if I really able and capable to help.
I wouldn’t if it’s not a major accident,other people are there,and help is on its way.

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I’ve already stopped and assisted.

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