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How to make the most of a mediocre haircut?

Asked by PacificToast (1605points) March 8th, 2010

I’ve recently gotten a trim, but not it looks rather like a mullet than the pixie cut I was aiming for. I’ve not enough money to get it cut again. Is there a way I can style it so that I get the sort of pixie effect? If so, what products work best? My hair is kind of oily, so I wouldn’t want to look like a grease monkey when I’m done.

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I’m no hairstyle maven but maybe you can gel it into little spikey bits a bit?

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What’s the texture (fine/coarse) and thickness of your hair?

Edit: Any way you can show us a picture of the cut you have and/or the cut you wanted? Both would be best.

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@augustlan It’s fine hair. Not too fine, but fine.

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Yeah, I was thinking a picture would help a lot, too.

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Would the touch of a curling iron help? Curl can give the illusion of changing the length and also gives you a little control over how it lies.

Also, some stylists will give you a little free rework if you are really unhappy, rather than lose a customer. You could at least call and ask. Would the problem be solved by taking a little more off the long part?

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I loved using dry wax in my hair when it was shorter. You rub some on your hand, then rub your hands together to warm it up (softens the wax), then run your hands through your hair. You can then push it into pretty much any shape you want. It’s not as stiff feeling as gel.

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I agree with @Jeruba about trying to see if the stylist will fix it for you. Or, talk to the manager where you got it cut and ask for a different person to fix it for you, since the original stylist did an unsatisfactory job.

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Third vote for @Jeruba‘s and @hannahsugs’ good advice.

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@Jeruba The only thing is, that I think I’ll have to live with this awkward length because my final goal is to grow it out. Your advice is good, I shall take a bit with me.

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Go back and tell whoever cut your hair that it sucks. You should be able to get it fixed, even if fixed is to let it go for a while and have it fixed later.

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