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Why is my PRAM screwy?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) March 8th, 2010

I have a 4-yr old Macbook pro which is 99% of the time run on the power adaptor. Today all of a sudden when I try to turn it on I got a weird symbol on start-up and nothing would happen so I followed some advice and reset my PRAM but now everytime I close the lid or restart I have to reset the PRAM again. I’ve searched for answers but couldn’t find any help. Most people with a similar problem were on relatively new computers. As you could guess, at 4 years it’s out of warranty. I’ve made no major changes to the system as of late. Please help :(

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Give the hardware test disc a spin and post what it says here.

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Won’t let me do it.

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Is your battery still holding a charge? If you’ve run the MBP 99% plugged in, the battery may be flat. PRAM info is maintained by the battery.

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PRAM is stored in a volatile memory type in that when it loses its electrical charge all of the information stored on it is lost. Sounds like you have a battery issue.

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You could try resetting the PMU.

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