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How to bypass an university's wash-out system?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) March 8th, 2010

10 years ago I was washed-out of a second year of a Bachelor of Arts program in Canada for having a untreated disability. I’ve been stubbornly studying university subjects anyway. Now I’m running out of books and material from my library system. How can I still continue my education despite being removed from the university system? How can one give themseves an education that rivals the best schools… and can they hire themselves as a professional… and continue growing in society?

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I failed my first year at university, albeit through sheer laziness rather than an unrecognised disability.

I went back to university – I paid for the first year again and then requalified for the funding to complete the degree.

I don’t know if the system in Canada is similar, though.

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I couldn’t hold a job for a while and I missed my student loan payments…In canada If you are asked to leave an university sometimes you can’t come back… to any of them

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Well, if your original post is trued (I’m not doubting you), then I’m fairly confident you would have a strong case to request that they let you back in. They wouldn’t want to be seen to discriminate, after all.

If (and this is the kicker) you can demonstrate that your disability was undiagnosed, that its non-diagnosis was not through your own doing and that you are capable of completing a university degree given the appropriate support, then the university should welcome you back.

I don’t understand why any univeristy should refuse to take you on after your being asked to leave unless you either seriously violated the university’s code of conduct (e.g. plagiarism or cheating in exams), or committed a criminal offence – you are a source of $$$ to them.

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my grades fell to low as soon as they found out I was ill… a couple of my friends dumped me and I got worse…I was told to leave before I failed and I had nowhere to go except a homeless shelter in another city so I stayed….and they made it uncomfortable to stay…so I got worse and then when I cracked I was already gone. It was a religious university that had different beliefs than me…So I can see them not wanting me back… the kicker is that I can’t go back to any other university because of their disaproval…and then they got puchased by another univeristy.(the one I really wanted to go to)

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I can take single classes online but Its hard to afford ($1000 per class) and they don’t go anywhere that I’m welcome.

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@the100thmonkey so back to the original question…

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What was your untreated disability?

Can you audit classes?

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@davidbetterman Anxiety and burn out (I was 100lbs underweight from being systematically harassed)… I live in a small town now…I’m partially recovered but some things are permanent… I am on permanent disability and living at home with family…My mind still works I just can’t handle persistent stressful situations anymore….I have some savings…but not enough for full time studies… I was thinking of puchasing books on-line and spending the savings there.

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Can I start my own university?

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O.k. Update… I just need to take and pass 10 courses from Athabasca University.

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